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Your life is going to change dramatically for the better after you read it. What you have been told about heart disease and stroke—“take statins and eat a low-fat diet”—is nonsense. So is the information you have received about the cause and treatment of many other diseases. Learn how to avoid the medical morass of drugs, bypass surgery, stents, and even amputations of gangrenous legs. If you feel fatigued, you may have low level lead toxicity, and this book shows how to achieve a much better state of health.
Dr. Gary Gordon

Chelation therapy is a dynamic therapy that has at least two major effects. One is that it detoxifies heavy metals. Three out of the top four toxic substances in the United States are toxic metals. Those are arsenic, lead, and mercury. EDTA chelation therapy removes all of those metals, although sometimes an additional chelating substance might be used to remove mercury. In addition, EDTA improves circulation all over the body. The number-one cause of death is heart disease, and stroke is not far behind. Many other diseases like diabetes have circulation problems as a component. Common eye disorders such as macular degeneration and glaucoma are caused by circulation problems.
Dr. Terry Chappell
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  Dr. Edward Kondrot
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I want to thank all the doctors who have contributed to this book. They are
located around the country; most have a national, if not international practice,
and serve patients both locally and from afar. The stories of how and why they
developed an interest in chelation and detox methods after undergoing training in
conventional medicine or dentistry are almost as compelling as their discussions of
techniques and modalities. On behalf of patients everywhere, I am especially grateful
to these creative and selfess practitioners for afrming that “There is always
hope, regardless of your pain or your diagnosis.” Unfortunately, we often need to
look beyond the limits of conventional medicine to hear this message. Fortunately,
we now know where to look.
Dr. Kondrot
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