If you’ve got a cataract, the first thing you should do is to consult your physician, both your ophthalmologist or optometrist along with your medical doctor. There is a whole lot of health contributing factors such as diabetes, high blood pressure, poor circulation, or nutrient deficiency, to your cataracts. It is crucial to maintain decent health. You need to work on treating that cause if you do have a health problem. If you’re a diabetic, you must control your sugar level.

On asking for any other details to keep in mind, Dr. Kondrot said, “The other big one I must acknowledge is heavy metal poisoning. There have been several studies, including a Harvard study, which indicated elevated lead on the human body is related to the growth of cataracts.”

Getting Tested for Heavy Metals

Dr. Kondrot believes everybody should probably be tested for heavy metals. He recommends not to visit a physician and ask for a urine or blood test. You might be dying of lead poisoning, along with urine and your blood will be normal.

Dr. Kondrot suggests to get a six hour long urine challenge test. It’s a test in which you take a chelating agent then collect your urine over a six-hour period of time. It’s locked into your bones, brain, and eye if you do have to contribute. You need to take that chelating agent.

Focusing on Diet Plan

Possibly the most significant thing that you can do is look at healthful foods. Start looking for an anti-inflammatory diet. He advises all his patients that foods will give them a vision, and 70 percent of their daily diet ought to be healthy vegetables and fruits.

Look for foods with a high concentration of vitamin C (not just oranges). There are numerous foods in our daily diet which consist of adequate concentration of vitamin C. I was quite surprised to find out that bell peppers have a greater connotation of vitamin C than oranges. There kale and broccoli. Strawberries too have very high concentration. Guava is a fruit among the highest concentrations of vitamin C.

Another nutritional factor which may be important is B-complex vitamins. Many men and women that have other eye problems, macular degeneration, and cataracts have a methylation flaw in their entire body. The methylation flaw is a genetic defect where you’re unable to detoxify your entire body as others. It’s estimated that 45 percent of the American people have this methylation defect. You do need some B complex vitamins to counter this problem.

What is Cataract Protocol?

Dr. Kondrot has developed a nutritional supplement formula for the human lens. It’s known as ‘Cataract Protocol’.

I believe it’s a great formula. I recommend that cataract formulation is taken by the majority of my patients and alter their diet. They get analyzed for heavy metals. Heavy metals are a key because if you have elevated lead, it has been associated with a higher risk of cataracts”.You can give Dr. Kondrot’s office a call to find out more information regarding Cataract Protocol.

Additionally when you have elevated lead or any other heavy metal, then it interferes with the metabolism of the human body and with the decent metals of the body, like the zinc, selenium, and chromium which are essential for good metabolic functioning. When you have those metals that are raised, they’re like bullies. They block the effect of the zinc, selenium, and chromium, so you have to discover a way to get rid of those metals.

Final thoughts on Treating Cataract Naturally:

Foremost, Dr. Kondrot recommends altering the diet plan. He put special focus on increasing hydration as water is the best way to detoxify our body. Further, he advises to consume more food items with vitamin C.

For cataract eye drops, Dr. Kondrot suggests to use Oclumed to reverse the cataracts. And finally, he insists to get tested for heavy metals as well.

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