Protect Your eyes from the Summer Sun!

Protect Your eyes from the Summer Sun!Colorful raw fruits and vegetables.
the best way to protect our eyes from the stress of summer is your diet.
Colorful organic raw fruits and vegetables are full of phytonutrients, bioflavinoids and antioxidants .
Your mother is right! Eat your fruits and vegetables and they will protect your eye and skin  against excess exposure to sunlight. Have you ever eaten a lot of carrots and notice your skin changed a yellow orange color? These are the phytonutrients that protect your skin and eyes. Eye doctors can measure this yellow pigment color in the back of the retina and this is an indicator of your eye health. The more yellow you have the healthier your eye. Eat your fruits and vegetables.


Protect Your eyes from the Summer Sun!Problems with sun glasses. Dark glasses may not protect your eyes.
We have a normal physiological reaction when looking at the sun. We squint and the pupils constrict letting less light into our eyes. When we look at the sun with dark glasses, our brain thinks that we are in a dark room and the pupils dilate or open, this lets in more harmful ultraviolet light because we have lost the protective mechanism of the pupil constricting.

The sun is not deadly, we need UV light in moderation.
We need the sun, especially UVB to make vitamin D. Why are you hearing so much about Vitamin D deficiency? Well we are not getting enough sunlight!


UVB is the good guy responsible for helping us produce vitamin D we need this to stay healthy!
Vitamin D is important for longevity, bone health, eye health and immunity. Lack of vitamin D is linked to cardiovascular disease, Multiple sclerosis and 

Sun Screen is not the best way to protect against excessive sun
Most sun screens block UVB the good guy needed to produce vitamin D.
Permit the cancer producing bad guy UVA to enter the body!
UVA is the bad guy which has been shown to cause skin cancer
Most sun screens contain harmful petrochemicals such as octyl methoxycinnamate which has been shown to cause cancer in mice!

Healthy ways to protect your eyes and skin against too much sun
UV blocking clothing
spend more time in the shade
Natural sun screen

Natural sun screens
green tea extract  which is a powerful antioxidant which prevents skin damage
aloe vera, coconut oil, calendula,
zinc oxide

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