What Are Different Types Of Eye Disorders?

What Are Different Types Of Eye Disorders?

It’s a good practice to get an eye examination once a year to guard the long term health of your eyes, as well as maintain the ideal eyesight as you age, as glasses and contacts prescriptions may change regularly. Additionally, a knowledgable optician or...

How to Protect Your Eyes From Sports Injuries?

Many parents would not believe that an mild sports such as softball could lead their child to a medical state, however recreational and sports activities cause more than 40,000 eye injuries each year, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Kids often lack...

What Is Causing You To Have Tired Eyes?

Eye strain is another word used for tired eyes, under which the eyes feel weak, heavy, and achy due to their intensive usage. It’s not a disease and no immediate medical treatment is required for it, but it won’t hurt to learn how to prevent it, isn’t it! Causes of...
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