Anderson Cooper burned his eyes in December because he was on the water without eye protection.

Mary Kate Olsen got snow blindness because she did not have proper eye protection.

1st hazard- -Not Blinking Enough becasue of the cold! – you need to keep those warm tears flowing to prevent freezing your eyeball.  (Demo)Your eyelids are just like a windhield wiper on your car need to be constantly moving to prevent  freezing. Frequent blinking keeps your eye balls from freezing.

2nd hazzard- Harmful UV light.  It is worse  in winter because the angle of the sun is 47 degrees lower on the horizon and it directed  right in your eyes! (Demo) these two sunglasses look like they’re the same, but one of them has 100% UV protection and the other one doesn’t. If it does it say it on the lens it doesn’t have it. You need to wear the ultraviolet protection or you’ll end up like Anderson Cooper with burns on your eyes.

3rd hazzard -Extreme Temperatures and wind- cold weather often has wind  blowing ice and snow into your eyes and a wind chill factor that can freeze your eyeballs in minutes- you need to protect your eyes with goggles! (Demo) So you need goggles to protect your eyeswhen he gets really cold ( I will give the host a pair to put on- I put one on) The air inside the goggles will be warmer and that will keep your eyes from freezing it also protects your eyes from damage by the wind.

So now that we know the 3 winter hazzards for your vision what else can you do for your sight?

S-Spinach- Your mom was right eat more spinach if you want great sight

I- Increase colorful fruits and vegetable. colorful foods give colorful sight

G- Gut- healthy gut so you absorb proper nutrients fermented foods

H-Hydration- need to drink lots of water esp in the winter

T- Toxins- take the toxins out and get rid of foods that contain lead and mercury. Best way to do this is to eat organic!

As Thomas Edison said  “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct his patients in diet and the prevention of disease”

Thats my big message…

You need to protect your eyes in cold weather and eat the right the foods for good health and great sight!

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