Choosing the right eye drops for glaucoma can be an overwhelming experience. Glaucoma is one of the most common eye problems in adults, and open-angle glaucoma has no symptoms. On the other hand, acute-angle glaucoma has symptoms of a sudden change in vision in one eye or peripheral but progresses more rapidly. Eye drops are the most popular choice among the list of medication for glaucoma patients and are often relied on even after surgery. See the best brands of glaucoma eye drops here!

7 Eye Drops for Glaucoma and their Medicinal Components


1. Xalatan Lata

Xalatan Lata | Best Eye Drops for Glaucoma
Xalatan is a prostaglandin analog eye drop which helps control the pressure in your eyes. Prostaglandin analogs increase the outflow of fluid from your eyes to lower the fluid pressure. Xalatan is also known to be better than its generic version.

2. Timolol

Timolol | Best Eye Drops for Glaucoma
Beta blockers like Timolol are the most commonly used types of eye drops for glaucoma. These eye drops decrease the overall fluid production in the eyes to prevent and reduce eye pressure. Timolol is also a beta blocker free of preservatives.

3. Alphagan-P

Alphagan-P | Best Eye Drops for Glaucoma
Alphagan-P is the best eye drops for glaucoma patients who are allergic to preservatives. It’s an alpha agonist which decreases fluid production and increases drainage at the same time. Alphagan-P is a highly recommended eye drop for wide-angle glaucoma and increased eye pressure.

4. Trusopt

Trusopt | Best Eye Drops for Glaucoma
Trusopt is a type of carbonic anhydrase inhibitor (CAI) because of its dorzolamide content. CAIs decrease fluid production to greatly reduce fluid eye pressure. You can buy Trusopt eye drops in preservative-free containers or multi-dose bottles. Trusopt is also popular because its users report zero to minimal side effects.

5. Allergan’s Propine

Allergan's Propine | Best Eye Drops for Glaucoma
Propine is an FDA-approved epinephrine class of eye drop. Epinephrines boosts the drainage of fluid in the eyes and at the same time decreases fluid production. Propine has enhanced absorption to make an efficient ophthalmic medication.

6. Cosopt

Cosopt | Best Eye Drops for Glaucoma
Cosopt is a kind of glaucoma eye drop with a combination of medication. This eye drop for glaucoma has a combination of the CAI dorzolamide and the beta blocker timolol. The dorzolamide reduces the fluid production while the timolol reduces the fluid eye pressure. Cosopt is also a formulation that is preservative-free.

7. Combigan

Combigan | Best Eye Drops for Glaucoma
Combigan is another kind of combination medication for glaucoma. It has a combination of the beta blocker timolol and the alpha agonist brimonidine. Combigan is available in a 90-day supply bottle, and its users have a statistically low chance of experiencing side effects.


Watch this video from Johns Hopkins Medicine to find out more about using eye drops to treat your glaucoma!

Best Eye Drops for Glaucoma

Eye drops for glaucoma are usually categorized by their medicinal component. The different medications are alpha analogs, prostaglandin analogs, beta blockers, CAIs, epinephrine, or combinations of these drugs. This list of glaucoma eye drops includes some of the best ophthalmic medication in each category. Ask your doctor to consider prescribing you any of these medicinal eye drops.

Have you tried any of these eye drops for glaucoma? What was your experience like? Share your thoughts and experience with us in the comments below!

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