What causes glaucoma? This eye health condition can result in permanent blindness. It is best to know its indications so you can address the problem at an early stage. Here are 9 glaucoma signs and symptoms:

What Causes Glaucoma | 9 Risk Factors


1. Fluid Buildup in the Eyes

Fluid Buildup in the Eyes | What Causes Glaucoma
If the fluid inside the eyes rises, its natural function gets distorted. In normal cases, the fluid should sweep out of the eyes through a small opening or canal. If it gets clogged, it can lead to vision loss.

2. Runs in the Family

Runs in the Family | What Causes Glaucoma
Just like any other health disorder, glaucoma can be obtained by inheritance. Genetic inclination is one of the main factors of this eye condition. You can either do a background check on your family’s history or make a special request with your ophthalmologist to test for glaucoma.

3. Exposure to Chemicals

Exposure to Chemicals | What Causes Glaucoma?
Harmful ingredients from chemicals that get into the eyes should not be taken lightly. Contents such as alkali and acid can scar or even burn the eyes. Make sure to have it checked by an ophthalmologist to be sure there is no residue.

4. Blunt Force Trauma

Fluid Build Up in the Eyes | What Causes Glaucoma
Have you gotten into a fight recently that got pretty ugly? If your vision started to get hazy since then, you need to visit an ophthalmologist to have it inspected. If it feels bruised, there is a chance that either the nerves erupted or blood clotted. It is also possible that this side effect takes place weeks or even months after the injury. So be sure to open it up to your doctor as well.

5. Comes With Old Age

Comes with Old Age | What Causes Glaucoma
Unfortunately, age does matter when it comes to glaucoma. Adults, usually ages 45 and above, are susceptible to eye problems including glaucoma. In order to be sure, a full vision exam will be conducted to check peripheral vision.

6. Sugar

Sugar | What Causes Glaucoma
Glaucoma can be a result of health complications such as diabetes. Some studies show that patients diagnosed with diabetes are more likely to develop this eye problem. Aside from glaucoma, diabetic patients are likely to develop diabetic retinopathy as well. It is an eye impairment caused by high blood sugar levels which can also lead to permanent blindness.

7. Severe Headache

Severe Headache | What Causes Glaucoma?
People experiencing blurred vision will naturally feel dizzy. Hence, severe headache will definitely follow. The simple eye strain may develop into a migraine over time.

8. Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision | What Causes Glaucoma?
The optic nerve damage caused by glaucoma results in tunnel vision. This narrow eyesight looks like you are peeping through a hole hence the name. Tunnel vision is an eye health condition wherein you lose sight of the wide-angle sides of the picture but retain the central part.

9. Halos All Over the Place

Halos All Over the Place | What Causes Glaucoma
People suffering from glaucoma encounter the uncomfortable episodes of seeing scattered halos. This often happens when there are light sources such as headlights. The distress feeling is similar to when we are exposed to direct sunlight. You cannot directly look at the scenery without feeling the need to squint your eyes or starting to feel nauseous.


To further understand how these factors take place within the eyes, here’s a short video by The Prairie Doc:

What Causes Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is an eye problem a lot of people are experiencing. So, don’t be afraid to consult your ophthalmologist if you suspect you are starting to experience its symptoms. Your doctor will discuss the available glaucoma treatments you can consider.

Did we miss any glaucoma risk factors? If you have anything to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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