Vision Therapy Improves Visual Function in Macular Disease!

A recent article reported in the Archives of Ophthalmology May 2008 studied the benefits of vision therapy. 126 patients with low vision related to diseases of the macula were randomly assigned to one of two groups. The first group was assigned to a vision therapy program consisting of weekly face to face sessions with a visual therapist and daily homework to learn techniques to improve visual function. The other group was placed on a wait list and received no vision therapy.

At the end of 4 months the group that received vision therapy had a significant improvement in all aspects of visual function including reading ability. The group that did not have visual therapy, vision and functional ability declined.

Vision therapy can benefit patients with macular degeneration. Because the waiting-list control patients demonstrated a decline in functional ability vision therapy should be instituted as early as possible.

We are pleased to announce our 10 weeks to better vision program!
We are now offering a 5 day vision therapy program to help improve the vision of those suffering from macular degeneration. This program consists of 10 one hour vision therapy sessions tailored to improve your visual function. Each session will help improve basic eye skills to help you function your best. This program can be part of our 3 day program or it can be an independent program separate from the 3 day program.

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