Microcurrent Stimulation

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Microcurrent Stimulation
Treating the eye with the Microstim 100 and Probe

There were several disadvantages to this machine. First was the cumbersome nature of treating 8 points with a probe around the eye. Many patients with macular degeneration had difficulty located these points and treatment was also difficult because a steady hand and good vision was needed to keep the probe fixed on these points. The machine also had a current adjust knob. Patients were instructed to turn up the current until they felt a tingling then reduce the current until nothing was felt. Many patients treated their eyes with a much too high current and because of this the results were very unpredictable. The microstim 100 was later modified into a delivery system with eyeglasses but this this system still had the limitation of the current adjust and unpredictable delivery of current.


Microcurrent StimulationMicrocurrent Stimulation

I had the pleasure of treating Sam Snead the late professional golfer with the Microstim 100 in Feb 2002. In exchange for 4 days of treatment Mr Snead gave me a few golf lessons. What else did he tell me about my swing? “Dr. Kondrot I would suggest cutting back over the next year and then QUIT!!” OMCS unit with two channel glasses

Microcurrent StimulationMicrocurrent Stimulation
OMCS Unit with Glasses
Treatment with the OMCS

My research led to the investigation of a 2 channel machine. 2 separate channels wiht a frequency off set by 0.7 HZ would delivery a more broad spectrum effect and have a greater therapeutic effect . This machine had the advantage of a fixed current at 100 microamps regardless of the resistence present as the current passed into the body. This machine was developed to the have the following frequencies with a 0.7 HZ off set.

Off Set Frequencies in the OMCS

292/ 292.7 HZ

30/30.7 HZ

9.1/ 9.8 HZ

0.3/ 1.0 HZ The glasses were discontinued because of manufacturing problems and problems with delivering a consistant current into the eye. This machine had a distinct advantage of the safety of the fixed current and broader action of the dual channel delivery system. Two channel biospecific digital frequency machine

Microcurrent StimulationMicrocurrent Stimulation
Dr. Kondrot
and Ning Wu researching frequencies
The Home Unit with gloves

Current is delivered by using sliver meshed gloves that are wrapped in a damp washcloth. This delivery system has demonstrated to deliver a consistent microcurrent energy into the eye. The gloves and washcloths also add the versitility to be used in detox and body programs. A new technique called Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) has produced a dramatic improvement in treatment outcomes of macular degeneration. Instead of using basic generic frequencies which have a low level affect on the diseased eye tissue we now can use frequencies specific to the retinal tissue and the pathology.
The energy is driven into the area needed for tissue repair.

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