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Dr. Kondrot’s New Book is Now Available!

The 10 Essentials to Save Your Sight! This is my 3rd book and I feel it is by far my best to help you save your sight. I have been working on this book for over 10 years. In this I share with you facts that can help you improve your vision without drugs or surgery. Order now and save 20%!
*Fish oils are harmful for your eyes.
*A 10 Second test can save your sight.
* Sunglasses can actully harm your eyes.
* A lotion can reverse years of damage to your eyes.

“Dr. Edward Kondrot is a messenger of hope. He truly embodies the ideal of first do no harm. His careful explanations of the ten essentials to eye health serve as a powerful introduction and reinforcement to those who choose this road less traveled. I found this book to be fascinating. I am grateful beyond words to have this visionary doctor give me a huge measure of control over the gift of sight.”
–Dianne Cecchett

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Dr Kondrot’s best selling book! Healing the Eye the Natural Way

  • Did you know that his book was ranked the number one selling homeopathic book in 2001?
  • Did you know that it has a 5 star rating on Amazon for over 10 years?
  • It has helped thousands of patients to begin to take steps to restore their vision?
  • It is available on an audio CD?

Review from Amazon
Books & CDs
“Anyone with Eye-Related problems needs this book. Dr. Kondrot talks to us in an easy-to-understand language, gives us many ways to help keep our eyes healthy, and discusses the medical ramifications of macular degeneration simply and in a straight forward manner. It is a joy to have a medical doctor finally embracing the many alternative medicine ‘tools’ that are out there today in an intelligent manner – and from experience.”
— Eileen Naumann, Author of Homeopathy 911

“I just read “Healing the Eye the Natural Way”, and it is terrific. The book is organized, factual, and simple yet thoroughly explained with great examples to clarify complex ideas about macular degeneration.” “This is a very practical guide that patients can use to evaluate their condition, make choices and initiate a reasonable program for themselves. Hope reigns eternal, and hats off to you for explaining why it should, on a mind, body and spiritual level that emphasizes self empowerment.”
— Dahlia Hirsch, MD (Ophthalmologist and Wholistic Doctor)

“When my husband found out that he had Stargardt Macular Degeneration, we were told by our doctor that there was nothing we could do but go home and wait for blindness to set in. I tried to stay positive and searched the Internet for cure. I found some interesting facts and herbs but no real cure. Finally, by the grace of God, I discovered your practice. Without you we would be preparing for a seeing eye dog, Braille lessons, and other life altering changes.” — Robin Buchman, Patient’s Wife


Dr. Kondrot’s second book, Microcurrent Stimulation Miracle Eye Cure?

Over 70%Books & CDs of the people Dr. Kondrot has treated have actually shown significant improvement in their vision. Some have regained enough vision to be able to read again, see their grandchildren’s faces, and even regain their driver’s license. Microcurrent stimulation (MCS) uses a combination of acupuncture and electricity to stimulate healing of macular degeneration. This book offers a thorough explanation and history of MCS, details the equipment needed for self-treatment, and describes supplemental acupuncture points.

“The best thing Dr. Kondrot ever gave us was hope. Today, my son lives on his own; he is safer. His eyesight is 90% of what a normal person sees. He has had to re-learn to read, and now does it for pleasure. He is taking the lead in planning his future, as he should at the age of nineteen. We are very grateful to Dr. Kondrot and Microcurrent Stimulation.”
— Ken Johnson, Patient’s Father

“The typical M.D. will tell you there is no hope for AMD. Wrong. Find a good acupuncturist.Look into vitamins,nutrition. You CAN turn it around!!I have gained three lines on the eye chart and can drive safely.IN ABOUT SIX WEEKS !!! Ignore the negative feedback you get.”
— G. Arthur Havel (Hermosa Beach Ca)

“This book could represent an alternative to nonsuccessful eye treatments rendered to patients. The author is a conventional eye specialist who practices integrative medicine. Integrative medicine uses conventional and complementary medicine. He integrates homeopathy, conventional, microcurrent (low amperage electrical stimulation)and Traditional Chinese Medicine in the treatment of a variety of difficult to treat eye conditions. This book is worth considering. As a licensed physician, he can lose his license if tries to defraud the public. He can be contacted for additional information, goggle Edward Kondrot,MD. I am not trying to promote this book nor am I compensated for my review. My wife and I have eye conditions, and this book has offered creditable hope. Maintain contact with your present physician.”
— Christian

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Top 20 Doctor

Books & CDsThese top Alternative Doctors can help you improve your health: Abram Ber, MD (H) • Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD (H) • Lee Cowden, MD, MD (H) • Garry Gordon, DO, MD, MD (H) • Edward C. Kondrot, MD, MD (H) • James Lemire, MD • Ruth Tan Lim, MD, MD (H) • Michael Margolis, DDS • Dorothy Merritt, MD • Nicholas J. Meyer, DDS • David Nebbeling, DO • Karl Robinson, MD • Robert Rowen, MD • Charles Schwengel, DO, Do (H) • Frank Shallenberger, MD, HMD • Bruce Shelton, MD, MD (H) • Mark Starr, MD, MD (H) • David Steenblock, DO • Jerald Tennant, MD, MD (H)



Chelation Book

Books & CDsMany of my colleagues asked me to bring the latest and now greatest news about chelation to the public as well as to the medical community at large. I interviewed a number of doctors who provide chelation treatment and asked them to describe their approach as well as their clinical results. Voila – this book – a compendium of chelation protocols, products, and spectacular cases.




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Books & CDs Books & CDs Books & CDs

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