Biofeedback for Macular degeneration?

A published study indicated that all participating patients had an improvment of vision!

Biofeedback for Macular degeneration?
Nidek MP-1
There is now a powerful new biofeedback mechanism call MP-1 biofeedback. A recent study published in Applied Psychological Biofeedback has shown it can improve acuity, reading ability and fixation in patients with macular degeneration!! Results were measures after ten treatments of 10 minute each!

After ten treatments  of 10 minute each the following was measured!
*300 % improvement in acuity –
*Improvement in reading speed (average of 28 words/minute) –
*Better fixation and focusing

Often I hear patients with macular degeneration state if only the blurred spot could be moved to the side. Then I could see! Well the  MP-1 does exactly this. It helps train your brain develop a new central focus eliminating the tendency to always focus on the blurred spot.

Biofeedback for Macular degeneration?
A new focal point
The treatment begins by carefully mapping the macula to identify the preferred retinal locus (PRL) or the preferred area of fixation.  This is done by exposing different levels of light to determine the lowest level of light that the retinal cells will recognize. The healthy retinal cells will recognize very dim light. It is this healthy area of the retina that MP-1 will help to develop into  the new PRL.

Training is begun by simple ten minute exercises that encourage the visual system and  brain to begin to use this new PRL (preferred retinal focus). The original study was done once week for 10 weeks. For information on the original article. Click Here

To view a video on the MP-1

“I have the dry form of ARMD in my left eye had it produced a hole in my vision, severely restricting my ability to read and drive. After three MP-1 biofeedback sessions I am able to utilize a newly learned focus which greatly facilitates both these activities in terms of vision clarity, acuity and coordination. This is truly remarkable since the retina specialists I had consulted in the past led me to believe that there was no hope for such improvement.” B. Green, Denver, CO
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