I first learned of the Bowling Ball Syndrome (BBS) about five years ago during a lecture by Dr. Jerry Tennant. He is a well-known alternative eye doctor, and I was very curious when he made the comment that some cases of glaucoma can be cured since this treatment will treat the underlying problem of eye pressure increase.

This syndrome was first described by Dr. Robert Boyd, an osteopathic physician from Ireland. Boyd described the head as a bowling ball and because of its heavy weight, the bowling ball will shift to keep the head in balance.  When there is an injury to the neck or skull, this trauma can cause a misalignment of the head resting on the atlas or the top cervical vertebra. This change in position can affect the flow of cerebral spinal fluid and even block the craniosacral pump. Many problems have been linked to the abnormality including chronic headaches, sinus infections, Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome, and blockage of the optic canal which leads to glaucoma. Dr. Boyd developed a complex osteopathic manipulation to correct this defect, but this technique was limited since it required advanced osteopathic skills. Dr. Tennant has developed his own technique using electrical stimulation using a device called the biomodulator. This instrument is used to correct the abnormal position of the skull and cervical vertebrae by applying current to the trapezius muscles. In a matter of several minutes, this resets the position of the head and quickly corrects this syndrome.

The Bowling Ball Syndrome and Glaucoma

This treatment is not a cure for glaucoma, but for many people who have glaucoma, this is one of many beneficial alternative treatments that addresses the cause of the disease.

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The Bowling Ball Syndrome and Glaucoma

Advanced microcurrent biofeedback TENS allows for effective and long lasting pain relief. In addition to the treatment of pain and inflammation, this device is ideal to do the Bowling Ball Syndrome treatment for glaucoma. If you are doing this treatment, please make sure that it is done under the supervision of an eye care professional.

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