Dangers of eye surgery revealed!

Dangers of eye surgery revealed! Imagine this scenario. You have been told you need surgery and are referred to a world famous hospital to have eye surgery by a doctor with the best reputation in the state. You wake up blind and later discover you never needed surgery! This is based on a true story which took place at one of the leading eye hospitals in our country. I read the book and was in a state of shock. What has happened to the profession of medicine? This did not happen to only one person but hundreds at this institution! I am not 100% against eye surgery but if you have been told that you need surgery I would suggest the following:

  1. Get a second opinion and even a 3rd
  2. Consider alternative therapies 1st. Do treatments that address the underlying cause! Not treatments that are suppressive.

To read this enlightening book based on true facts

Waking Up Blind – Lawsuits Over Eye Surgery by Tom Harbin

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