Dangers of our water!

Shocking Information Regarding Your Drinking Water! Your Tap Water is Probably Contaminated with Pharmaceutical Drugs!  

Reports have found that the nation’s water supply is now contaminated with various antibiotics, phytoestrogens and estrogentic steroids!  These products have the potential to produce deleterious side effects in humans! Proper hydration is one of the key essentials to reducing our toxic load and enabling our bodies to regain our health.  At the Healing the Eye and Wellness Center we emphasize three essentials to help regain your eyesight and health:  proper diet, sufficient hydration and stress reduction.

What can you do to make certain that you are drinking safe water?  Drinking water from plastic water bottles may also not be safe.  Scientists have found that Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastics — the kind used to make water bottles, among many other common products — may also harbor hormone-disrupting chemicals that leach into the water. Installing a home reverse osmosis unit is a great way to ensure that you are getting quality water without any contamination. Reverse osmosis removes virtually every known particle including pharmaceutical contaminants.  A drawback to reverse osmosis or distilled water is that essential minerals are removed from the water. What I recommend is placing a pinch of Himalayan salt or dried kelp or seaweed. Both of these products have most trace minerals necessary for our body to function. Since most of our oceans are contaminated with heavy metals, it is very difficult to get a pure source of kelp/ sea weed.  I prefer to use Himalayan sea salt which is mined from a 250 million year old ancient in-land sea when our environment was free from toxins and pollutants. Himalayan sea salt can be obtained from most health food stores or you can buy it directly from  http://www.himalasalt.com/

I have a reverse osmosis machine for all of my drinking water and I take 2 additional steps before drinking my water. I pour the filtered reverse osmosis water into a  Nikken Aqua Pour  filter and then use a  Pi Mag. The Aqua Pour includes several stages of filtration, including a bed of mineral stones like those in streams and rivers, to add trace minerals to the water. Next, I place the water into the PiMag Optimizer which uses the same forces as those found in nature — magnetic energy, water agitation and natural oxygenating to add life to the water. Why go to all this trouble?  The cells in our body are over 70 percent water and drinking pure water is the best way to detoxify our bodies!



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