Dr. Jim King early pioneer in using microcurrent

This month I had a wonderful visit by Dr. Jim King who stopped in the Healing the Eye Center to say hello! Dr. Jim King is one of the early pioneers of microcurrent, he along with Dr. Jarding and Dr. Michaels were the first Optometrists to use microcurrent treating eye disease. Please read the article Dr. Michaels published in 1993.  Click here to read the Article.  Dr. King was the one that introduced Paul Harvey to the miracle improvement of Sam Snead’s Macular Degneration.  I became interested in Microcurrent when I heard Paul Harvey’s report regarding Mr. Snead. You can listen to Dr. King tell the story on how he was at a medical meeting in Phoenix when he timidly knocked on the door of Paul Harvey’s home to tell him the exciting news about the golf legend Sam Snead.  Thank  you  Dr. King!

Click here to see Dr. King’s very interesting story

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