Earthing- An Important Health Discovery!

At the International Light Association Meeting in Amsterdam, September 2010, I first heard of “Earthing” during Jim Oschman’s talk on Energetic Medicine. I thought that it might have an application in using microcurrent and perhaps to improve results. Early this month Ed Gaulusa gave me me a copy of “earthing” by Steven Sinatra. He had been grounding himself using the techniques outlined in the book and had a positive effect. Recently at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M). Steven Sinatra gave a wonderful talk on “Earthing” Dr. Sinatra was a very busy alternative cardiologist who has published several books including his best seller Reverse Heart Disease Now: Stop Deadly Cardiovascular Plaque Before It’s Too Late He has put a hold on his practice to write his latest book, Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?

Dr. Sinatra, is a board certified cardiologist who describes himself as an “integrative cardiologist”. That is, he prefers to treat heart disease by using the best of both conventional and alternative medicine. To find out more about Dr. Sinatra’s wonderful work you can visit his site
His use of the recent discovery of “earth energy” he claims has profound implications for wellness. The practice of using the earth’s energy is called “earthing” and entails “grounding” a person to the earth much as an electrical current is grounded. Dr. Sinatra calls this the The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?” Dr. Sinatra is so passionate about this discovery that he gave all the participants of the A4M meeting a copy of his book! What is “Earthing”? It grounding the body to the earth. When this occurs there is a free flow of electrons back and forth form the earth and the human body. There is also a detoxifying of harmful electro magnetic energy that accumulates in the body. Lastly there is a balancing of the autonomic nervous system.
How we do this? Walk barefoot on the earth. Take your shoes off at home and let your feet touch the concrete floor. Eliminate rubber souled shoes and wear leather. Rubber is an insulator while leather conducts the earths current.

Grounding might help improve the affects of microcurrent in the treatment of eye disease. We are asking patients to begin to test this by alternating microcurrent treatments between a non grounded and grounded state. What is the method of doign this during your microcurrent treatment? Simply take off your shoes and place your bare feet on concrete or outside on the ground. Too cold to go outside or no concrete or tile floor indoors? You can invest in a grounding mat to use indoors. 

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