recently heard a talk by Prof Brian Peskin at our monthly Arizona Homeopathic and Integrative Medical Association meeting (AHIMA). Prof Peskin is a world leading scientist specializing in EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) and their relationship to cancer and cardiovascular disease. His talk focused on the harmful effects of fish oils. They are causing harm to the cardiovascular system and are increasing the risk of cancer! After his talk I was in a state of shock! I could not sleep that night!

I immediately called my friend Dr. Robert Rowen, editor of 2nd Opinion Newsletter, and he agrees fully with Prof. Peskin’s research!

“I have been feverishly studying the materials on fish oil. I don’t recommend them anymore except in unusual circumstances. The parent oils are safer, cleaner, and better received by the body. Fish oil is not good for oxygen carriage across cell membranes. For that the best is unadulterated omega 6 18 chain carbon fatty acids.Many fish oil studies in general are not well done. They have flaws.  One major flaw is that they are not controlling the effects of fish oil against parent oils. Fish oils might do some good for some people who are truly deficient in omega oils. But the deficiency is in the parent oil. Give them parent oils and they do as good or better than fish oil.” Robert Rowen, MD

Fish oil is being pushed in gram quantities that are far greater than the body can tolerate. This use makes it a drug. Parent oils are foods. Let the body make them into derivatives in its own wisdom, rather than force feed it LCFA that might do harm in excess.” Robert Rowen

“Fish oils have been shown to be beneficial in many health conditions, however there are issues with fish oils.  One is the quality of the fish oil being taken.  Many people are taking fish oils that are either rancid (usually sold cheap over the counter) or fish oils that contains heavy metals due to the poor purification process.  Additional problems seen with fish oils is poor absorption of this type of supplement.  Any patient that has had their gallbladder removed or has had gallbladder issues in the past, most likely will not absorb fish oils properly which could cause irritation of blood vessels and other tissues.  Furthermore, as we age our ability to absorb essential oils decrease due to reduction in lipase function.  Lipase is an enzyme secreted by the pancreas that breaks down fat soluble nutrients (lipids).  All of this should be taken into account when supplementing patient with fish oil.  This is why the “Omega Eye Support” contains additional nutrients besides just DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids.  The second capsule in this product contains phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylserine and phosphatidylinositol, all of which supports proper uptake of these much needed fats for most patients to ensure that the benefits from these oils are obtained.” Dr. O

“There are two essential fatty acids omega 6 and omega 3. They must come from food and to work properly they must be organically raised and processed to guarantee full physiological function. Most of the EFA taken are derivatives (such as DHA and EFA) and are erroneously taken in high dosages. The body makes these derivatives on an AS NEEDED basis in very small quantities. Most fish oil is consists entirely of DHA and EFA is super large dosages and by taking these products in high dosages will actually cause HARM to the body not benefit! Most patients are overdosing on omega 3 fatty acids. The ratio of omega parent 6 to parent omega 3 in the brain and nervous system is 100 to 1.

Listen to the Radio Interview with Prof Peskin on the dangers of fish oil!
Fish Oils are harming your health and vision! Listen to Prof Brian Peskin explain why under any circumstances you should not take FISH OILS!!

Here are the facts in several well done studies fish oils were found to be worthless in atherosclerosis and in fact might make it worse!

The Effect of Dietary- 3 Fatty Acids on Coronary Atherosclerosis: A randomized, Double Blind Study, Placebo- Controlled Trail. Clemens von Schacky, et al., Annals of Internal Medicine; 130:554-562, 1999
At the end of 2 years, BOTH groups had a worsening of there clogged arteries!

Controlled Trail of Fish Oil for Regression of Human Coronary Artherosclerosis, Frank Sacks, et al, Journal of the American College of Cardiology Vol 25, No 7, June 1995: 1492-8.
Fish oil treatment of 6 grams a day does not promote a favorable change in the coronary arteries.

Lack of benefit of dietary advice to men with angina: results of a controlled trail. Burr, et al. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2003, 57: 193-200.
Patients consuming 3 fish oil capsules daily had an adverse affect! This group had more cardiovascular deaths!

Fish Oil causes brain damage in adults and infants!

The Effects of Dietary n-3/n-6 Ratio on Brain Development in the Mouse. A Dose response Study with Long Chain n-3 Fatty Acids, P. E. Wainwright, et al, Lipids, Vol 27, 2 (1992) 98-103.
Showed that brain development is vulnerable to high dosages of omega 3 fatty acids in fish oils.

Quantitative Effects of Dietary Polyunsaturated Fats on the Composition of Fatty Acids in Rat Tissue, Lipids, Vol 25, 1990, 505-551.
Showed that overdosing on omega 3 from fish oil can be dangerous to your brains health at any age.
Both of these studies conclusively showed abnormalities in brain tissue resulting from administration of fish oil!

Fish oil can adversely affect your blood sugar!

Effects of Dietary Marine Oil on Carbohydrate and Lipid Metabolism in Normal Subjects and Patients with Hypertriglyceridemia, P. Stacpoole, et al, Metabolism, Vol 38, No 10, 1989, 946-956.
Blood sugar control of all of the diabetic patients in this study worsened during fish oil administration

Fish Oil just does not work!. It is another example of finance masquerading as science. In this case developing a market for the waste products of fish and of medicines long history of mistakes and wrong dietary recommendations.

What the body needs according to Prof. Peskin is Parental Essential Oils or PEO. What are PEOs. They are a plant based formulation of oils that are not derivatives but the parent oil of omega 6 and omega 3 that are organically raised and processed. These oils enable the body to make the derivatives that it needs.

All this sounds good but what are the facts? A study done that convince me and it has also convinced Dr. Rowen and others to stop fish oil and to switch to plant based oils was the IOWA STUDY. Investigating Oils With respect to Arterial Flexibility Significant differences in biological age compared to physical age. Brian Peskin and David Sim, MD.

The study used Photoplethysmography to measure the difference in arterial flexibilty between subjects taking PEO and those taking fish oils. Photoplethysmography (PTG) is a non invasive test that measures the arterial flexibility. It is a superb diagnostic tool of the measurement of arterial hardening. This measurement can then be compared to a known population to provide a the biological age of person based of the degree of hardening.

The first group was 35 patients who NEVER received any type of fish oil. They had base line PTG and then were started on plant based essential oils.

The second group had been receiving various brands of fish oil for 6 months they were asked to stop the fish oil and begin and begin using the plant based oils.

In the first group never receiving fish oils and then beginning plant based oils after 24 months an astounding 73% had an average improvement of 9 biological years in their arterial age.

In the second group only after using the plant based fish oils for 3. 5 months another scan was performed. 87% had an average reduction in the biological arterial age of 11.1 %!!! This study indicates that the fish oil has no affect and may actually be harmful to patients.

None of these studies even consider the toxic dose of mercury that is found in many fish oils!

What does this mean? This data indicates that Parent Essential Oils or PEO might be more beneficial than fish oils. If you are taking high dosages of fish oil and your vision is declining I would strongly suggest trying plant based essential fatty acids for a few months to see if this makes a difference. I started a comparative study to see if there is a difference between Parental Essential Oils or PEO. and fish oils in the treatment of macular degeneration and other eye disorders. If you are interested please contact the office. We are now reccomending a Parent Essential Oils or PEO that are plant based essential fatty acids not from fish oils!

Link to Dr. Rowen’s Article Do You Really Need Fish Oil?

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