Gabriel Howearth Lecture

Gabriel Howearth Botanist, Landscape architect and Seedsman spoke at the Cave Creek Coffee House on Friday December 18, 2009. Gabriel who I met 5 years in La Ribera Mexico visited the Healing the Eye and Wellness Center for alternative treatments to help him regain his strength and functioning  after suffering from a stroke after complications after a several fungal infection.

Gabriel’s talk was called “Sustainable Living for our children’s children’s children”  Gabriel’s talk was very motivating for everyone that attended his talk. His goal is to make the public aware of sustainable living. This is a lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual‘s or society‘s use of the Earth‘s natural resource.  “Green Living”. Gabriel talk focused on organic gardening, eliminating GMO food, and bringing healthy organic food into your diet to regain your health. I hope to have his talk available on line shortly. Please visit these links to learn more about Gabriel:

Gabriel has been instrumental in educated me on Organic Gardening.  3 years ago he helped me develop several organic gardens on my property in Phoenix. I enjoy growing all my own organic vegetables and try to supply these fresh wholesome products to patients visiting Phoenix during our 3 day program. There is no better way to regain your health. You are what you eat!

Gabriel’s Blog 
Founder of Buena Fortuna Botanical Garden, in Baja Mexico (3700 plant species of the tropical and dry tropical regions of the world), he is the president of Siempre Semillas AC, a Mexican NGO whose main focus is to preserve seed diversity by teaching and planting, Gabriel with his personal seed bank collection of a living geneology of plants containing many rare, endangered and exotic species of forgotten and little known food sources of great nutritional, cultural and genetic value he was an original Co-founder of Seeds of Change, the foremost GMO free organic seed company in the U.S. and half of the world.

Currently he is working with several ecological organizations in central and South America as well as he is available to travel worldwide to teach about Organic seeds and ways to preserve our genetic seed purity locally in order to contribute to the global change in positive ways.

As part of the many consultations he has done recently includes:

Professional Consultation for “Dreaming New Mexico” towards a food & energy self-sustainable State by the year 2020; an ambitious and well supported project, initiative of Bioneers with the participation of a number of NGO’s, Farmers, Indigenous Groups, Schools as well as Governmental support.

Professional consultation in Southern Oregon helping organize local seedsman and farmers work towards helping its people in the bioregion become seed and food self-sufficient – beyond sustainable.
In the early stages of developing a Polycultural- Permacultural landscape Design for state of the art Ola Brisa Eco Community in Todos Santos, on the Pacific Coast side of Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Some of his previous work include research work with Sonic Bloom sound frequencies and music and pyramid enhancement for seeds and plants with documented success written in very popular books: “Secrets of the soil” and “The secret life of Plants” by two famous authors/researchers Peter Tompkins and Christopher Byrd. The results of this research show how certain frequencies and music really works to greatly enhance plant grow production, yield, nutrition, flavor, and quality and germination power of seeds especially enhanced by the combination of the use of Mayan pyramid seed enhancers.

He has traveled around the world and worked with many indigenous people to develop and increase diversity in organic farming and gardening. He has 30 years experience teaching and practicing permaculture, seed saving, biodynamic and organic agriculture.

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