Importance of grounding your body

Dr. James Oschman lectured on the topic of Energy medicine and gave us his insights based on his years of research in the fields of light and electromagnetic energy. He reviewed the research of Albert Szent-Gyorgi from Budapest who received the Nobel Prize for the synthesis of vitamin C and his work in studying the function of muscles. In his later years he developed a new approach to the study of biology called electronic biology. After observing the reaction of a cat jumping after seeing a snake he felt that no way can this be mechanical or biochemical. The reaction can’t be explained by slow moving chemical reactions. Just like a slow chemical reaction can’t exlain a batter hitting a fast pitch.

Electromagnetic fields and light is the model he used to explain these phenomina. This was what Albert Einstein was working on his last 10 years of life. It is protons, electons and light that regulate the body and Szent-Gyorgi felt that this took place in the collagen matrix of the body which acts like an electronic crystal. According to Dr. Oschman, “Proteins are the stage upon which the drama of life unfold-
the actors are protons, electrons and photons.”

I would suggest that you read his book Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis by James L. Oschman and Candace Pert (Paperback – Jun 15, 2000)
Dr. Oschman states that tissues in the body are liquid crystal and living tissues create light and utilize light for their functioning. “The biochemical model involving subtrate molecules until they bump into an enzyme is like the drunken sailor model”

If metabolism worked according to the biochemical model it would take 10,000 years to digest food!

Dr. Oschman believes that the key to health is a proper electromagnetic balance in the body. The best way to achieve this it to ground your body. How? Take off your shoes and walk barefoot on the surface of the earth. He feels rubber sole shoes are preventing this grounding that is essential for health. He presented several case studies of patients who were cured of chronic ailments by taking off their shoes and becoming grounded to the earth!

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