Dr. Kondrot featured in the Bob Livingston Letter!

Dr. Kondrot featured in the Bob Livingston Letter!
From the December 2011 Newsletter

“Okay, so the general consensus of conventional medicine is that there is no cure for macular degneration (MD). It can only be slowed down with specific nutrition.

But there is a new treatment that claims to cure it.

Dr. Robert Rowen has published a booklet “Powerful New Cures For Failing Vision.” Costs $6.95 from Second Opinion, PO Box 8051, Norcross, GA 30091, 1 (800) 262-3164 or (770) 399-5617.

The treatment that Dr. Rowen claims will cure actually cure macular degneration is called MicoCurrent Specific (MCS)

Generally a tiny current is delivered to specific points around the eye. It is painless. Case studies show cures in just a few weeks.

Find out about MicroCurrent Specific (MCS) from Dr. Kondrot at 1 (800) 430-9328 or [email protected] He can tell you about other doctors who offer this therapy.

The idea is to gently saturate the tissues with useful energy that the cells can utilize to regenerate.

The macula contains 100 million times more pizels per unit area, than a high-resolution computer monitor! Those cells (rods and cones) are working at breakneck speed sending electectical impulses to the brain. Each impulse reduces the charge on the cell membrane. If not recharged, the cell will lose its function, become disabled, and eventually die.”

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