Miracles of Microcurrent and Homeopathy!

How my body recovered from the grueling 26.2 Marine Corps Marathon.

On Sunday Oct 31st, I finished the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC along with my wife and stepson (Ly and Lawrence)

It has been 20 years since I have run a marathon and at age 60 I should have trained properly before attempting this race. Unfortunately due to my busy schedule I only completed a few 10 mile runs to train for this race. In my prime, over 20 years ago, I would run 60 to 80 mile a week with a few 20 mile runs!

Needless to say when I reached the 20 mile mark I died and after finishing the race my body was incredibly sore! Walking- forget it. I was only able to shuffle and I had to slide my body in and out of bed!
Ly and Lawrence were just as sore as me. Ly and I took some Arnica which relieved the pain but the soreness persisted.

Monday night we decided to do a Microcurrent treatment for the muscle soreness. My favorite way of doing this is sit in a hot tub and let the healing current flow through the water.

How does this work? Doesn’t the current short out in the water before reaching your body? Well I use Frequency Specific Microcurrent. The current carries specific frequencies that match body tissues and pathologic conditions. Frequencies specific for inflammation, pain and toxins. The analogy is the tuning fork. If you vibrate 2 identical tuning forks let say 2 C# forks they will vibrate in harmony. Like was with the current. If it vibrates with a tissue it will harmonize and stimulate healing.

To my surprise after a 30 minute treatment both Ly and I were back to normal. I was absolutely stunned! Even 20 years ago with proper training I would be sore for at least a week.

This miracle has reinforced my beliefs on the power of Microcurrent to treat inflammation, acute and chronic disease and eye disease.


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