Microcurrent and Ionic Transfer!

Microcurrent and Ionic Transfer!
Dr. Kondrot and Professor Russo at the University of Rome discussing their future micrcurrent project.
Dr. Kondrot to participate in a Microcurrent Reasearch Project at  Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Rome. Beginning March 2012.I met with Prof. Mateo Russo and Prof. Marcella Nebbiosa to finalize plans to reaserch the effects of microcurrent on an animal model of macular degeneration. I will have access to the University of Rome’s  research  facilities for this exciting project which will begin in March 2012. Professor Russo has a very interesting theory on how microcurrent works to restore vision.


Professor Mateo Russo has done research to show that there are ionic channels in cells which are have a key role in regulating the nucleus and gene expression. If these ionic channels are activated they can help to restore non- functioning cells. He has done experiments to document this activation of the ionic channels will produce a new gene expression to restore the function of damaged cells. He has a great interest in using this theory to treat the dysfunctional cells in macular degeneration.

These ionic channels contain proteins which ions can pass. These ions go from a higher gradient to a lower gradient. There are two mechanisms to open these channels. One mechanism is a ligand (molecule) which binds on a receptor site to open the channel. The other mechanism is for an electrical currentto open these ionic channels. These ionic channel then pass information to the nucleus which gives a new gene expression to help dysfunctional cell becomes active.

Prof. Russo feels that microcurrent will effectively open these channels to begin a new gene expression to change dysfunctional cells into functioning cells. I explained to Dr. Russo that this is my clinical observation in patients after performing microcurrent. The rapid improvement of vision I feel is the microcurrent quickly stimulating the dysfunctional retinal cells to begin to function. Dr. Russo’s theory helps to explain what is happening on the cellular level to produce this imporvement. It is very exciting that now we are working on a animal model to demonstrate how microcurrent works!

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