The PK Protocol

Patricia Kane believes if you support the cell membrane with good nutrition, it will function optimally, giving one excellent neurological function. This belief is supported with over 30 years in helping patients with neurological problems. 5 years ago I attended a Patricia Kane seminar to learn her amazing techniques to help eye patients. She is truly a miracle worker treating the most advanced neurological cases with amazing results. My friend Dr. Dennis Courtney encouraged me to retake her course. We both attended this past weekend July 15-16th in Millville, NJ. 5 years is a long time and Patricia Kane has been advancing her research and perfecting her treatments to get better results.

The eye is part of the neurological system and anything that benefits the neurological system will help the eye and vision. Her techniques have benefited many patients with glaucoma, optic nerve problems and macular degeneration.

Let’s look at the cell membrane in the retina and how nutrition especially proper lipids are essential in maintaining vision to restore lost vision. There are 100 million rod and cones in the retina. Each rods/cones has a stack of up to 2000 layers of lipid membrane. The surface area of all the membranes in the retina are about 40 square miles! That is a lot of lipid surface area! It would be a 26.2 mile marathon to run around this area!

It even gets more complex. There is also 140 million rhodopsin molecules in each stack of the lipid membrane! The rhodopsin molecule is responsible for capturing a photon and producing sight.

Each day every retinal receptor cell discards about 6 to 7% of these membranes. It must reconstitute these membranes along with 10 million new rhodopsin molecules every day. The entire photo receiving system is renewed every 14 days. You have a new retina every 2 weeks! It is easy to understand that if you don’t have the right nutrition the retinal function will decline rapidly. In fact if you don’t have the proper lipids to renew these retinal membranes, total loss of vision could occur in 14 days!

What are these essential lipids that is essential for retinal renewal? The membrane of the retina are composed of 50 to 55% docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) which is an omega-3 fatty acid. DHA has the highest concentration (50 to 55%) in the body in the eye. In order for DHA to be best utilized in the cell, researchers have found that a 4:1 ratio ( omega 6: Omega 3) is needed. Another very important lipid for cell function is Phosphatidylcholine (PC) which comprises close to 60% of the cell membrane and it helps to keep the ratio of DHA to optimal level of 4:1.

Patricia Kane has developed a Phosphatidylcholine (PC) intravenous protocol for these devastating health disorders using IV Lipid therapy and oral fatty acid supplementation. Her protocols have yielded marked positive response in the treatment of severe neurological disorders such as ALS, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Autism, pervasive developmental delay, seizure disorders, Post Stroke, traumatic brain injury, metabolic and genetic abnormalities.

I learned that the intravenous PC passes through the blood brain barrier. This is important to know since any effective treatment to get to the retina must pass this blood brain barrier. It is also interesting to note that many drugs do not pass this barrier. The IV PC protocol can aid in the removal of heavy metals. Patricia Kane has been using these PC IV’s to treat cases of heavy metal poisoning. She feels that PC is more effective and less toxic than conventional EDTA chelation and EDTA does not readily pass the blood brain barrier.

Intravenous PC can also act as a carrier to help other agents to pass the blood brain barrier. Her protocol includes the administration of IV glutathione, which is a very powerful anioxidant. When administered with the PC more of the glutathione will pass into the brain and the eye to have a much greater therapeutic effect than if it was administered alone.

The last development is an oral form of PC. I am now making the oral form of PC part of our vitamin protocol for Macular degeneration, Glaucoma and Cataracts.

The last important bit of information is not to use Phosphatidylcholine (PC) made from lecithin. Lecithin is made by degumming crude soy oil, bleaching it, then later processing it by adding oil. PC made from lecithin is ineffective and will be broken down into its component parts.

I have been using this PK protocol for the past 5 years for degenerative disorders of the eye especially in cases of macular degeneration and glaucoma. Now I will be revising my protocol implementing the latest research of Patricia Kane to help you to save your vision.

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