Postural Deficiency Syndrome

Abnormal positions of the eyes can  lead to postural problems that can severely harm your body! A simple eye glass prism will correct this problem…. immediately!

Dr. Da Silva  a professor of Ophthalmology in Portugal has researched  a new syndrome that may affect over 10% of the population! This condition consists of postural problems which lead to painful head and neck conditions, dizziness, balance disorders, anxiety, difficulty concentrating and learning disorders.
How is this related to your eyes? Dr. Da Silva has measured the position of the eyes while stimulating  skeletal muscles in the body. This was conducted in a dark room while monitoring ocular movements.  For example, when the leg abductors were stimulated the eyes moved in one direction. When the opposite muscle group (adductors) were stimulated the eyes moved in the opposite direction. Dr. Da Silva feels that poor posture will affect the position of your eyes and similarly poor eye posture and movement will affect your body. He feels that eye strain, some cases of headache and neck pain, balance problems, anxiety and learning problems are related to this syndrome.

He has developed a few simple diagnostic steps to detect this syndrome.  First he observes the gait of the person and their body posture. Is the body tilted, is the head held at an angle? Is one hand positioned higher than the other hand?  He also measures the range of motion of head turning. He then measures the ability of the person to grasp objects held in different locations.

This information is then used to select prism glasses to shift the eye muscles to produce a change in posture. What are prism glasses?  This is a type of eye glass that when placed in front of the eye shifts the image to a new location. They are commonly used to help eliminate double vision when the eyes are not able to coordinate together. An example are crossed eyes (turning inward) – prisms will help move the eyes in a straight position and eliminate double vision.

I recently saw a lady with macular degeneration and a severe balance problem.  Walking was almost impossible and even with a walker she struggled. Her body posture was tilted to one side and she had limited head and neck movements which was suspicious for the Postural Deficiency Syndrome.  I placed prism glasses in front of both eyes and immediately her balance problem disappeared and she was able to walk! It was one of the most amazing things I have experienced in my 30 years of practice!!
This syndrome illustrates how important our vision, movement  and position of our eyes are important to many functions of our body. Our visual system represents over 80% of our neurological system. Proper visual function can affect many aspects of health.

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