Treatment of Stargardts

Stargardt disease is an inherited juvenile macular degeneration that causes progressive vision loss usually to the point of legal blindness. The progression usually starts between the ages of six and twelve years old and plateaus shortly after rapid reduction in visual acuity.

The genetic defect in this disease causes a build up of toxic waste products in the retina called lipofuscin. Microcurrent can help to improve circulation, stimulate retinal cellular activity, have a neuro-protective effect and aid in detoxifying the eye.

I have treated 31 patients since August 2011. Over 90 percent of these patients treated have achieved an improvement of vision, contrast and peripheral visual fields. Microcurrent does not cure Stargardts but it can be very helpful in improving the level of functioning vision.


Treatment of StargardtsEric Gonsenheim a 53 year old man with Stargardt’s from Huixquilucan, Mexico recently visited our clinic to participate in our 3 day program to restore vision. He has an 18 year history of Stargardts disease, which is a type of macular degeneration that effects younger people. He had been told by specialists that nothing can be done to improve his vision. During the 3 day program to restore vision he had microcurrent, syntonic light therapy and homeopathic treatment. At the end of 3 days he had a 7 letter improvement of acuity ( 2 lines better on the eye chart!) and a marked improvement of his contrast and visual fields!
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