Stem Cells and Microcurrent: improving results

A critical aspect of successful stem cell therapy is to make certain that the environment of the patient is optimal for stem cell transplantation.  Doctors who are conducting stem cell therapy emphasize that the following must be done to insure success.

*A proper diet, that includes all-organic foods, is critical in the weeks leading up to, and the first several weeks following, stem cell transplantation. In addition, the patient must eliminate consumption of gluten, GMO foods, dairy and alcohol during that time as well.

*Oxygen saturation levels must be checked. If oxygen saturation is low, supplemental oxygen may be needed.

Chronic or acute infections must be treated. Dr. Steenblock has observed that over 50% of Macular Degeneration patients, who do not respond well to stem cell therapy, have a chronic sinus infection. The chronic infection must be treated before stem cell transplantation is to be conducted.

*Heavy metals that have accumulated in the patient’s body must be removed prior to treatment.

There is good evidence that microcurrent will improve the function of stem cells after transplantation. This is supported by numerous published research articles showing that microcurrent improves circulation and stimulates cellular activity.

Journal of Jinan University of Natural Science and Medicine. Wang Quian, Zheng Lei
Direct microcurrent may influence the adhesive characteristics of osteoblasts. The adhesion of osteoblasts on the matrix material will be enhanced when the surface of the material was full of positive electrons. This conclusion plays an important role in bone tissue engineering promoting cells attach to matrix materials.

Altern Lab Anim. 2001 Nov-Dec;29(6):693-701. England University of Nottingham, Todd I, Clothier RH
Electrical stimulation of transforming growth factor-beta 1 secretion by human dermal fibroblasts and the U937 human monocytic cell line.
One form of microcurrent (designated phase 1) stimulated both dermal fibroblasts and U937 cells to secrete transforming growth factor-beta 1 (TGF-beta 1), which is an important regulator of cell-mediated inflammation and tissue regeneration. This article supports the potential of micrcurrent to improve the results of stem cell transplantation.

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