Turning 60 at Thunder River!

This past month I celebrated my 60th birthday by taking a grueling  4 day hike into the Grand Canyon. We did the Bass trail to Thunder River then on to Deer Creek after camping at Upper Tapeats and then Lower Tapeats on the Colorado River.  This trip was over 25 miles with a total elevation changer of over 2 miles! The trip was almost aborted before we even stepped foot in the Grand canyon! While driving along the 27 mile forest road to the trail head entrance on the North Rim  we hit heavy snow drifts and a fallen tree. (Yes heavy snow the end of May in Arizona!) The road was impassable and we had to back track back to the town of Johnson Lake. There the forest service gave us an alternate route to the trail head.

The high light of trip was on the 3rd day when my fiancee, Ly Truong,  discovered fresh water cress growing along  Deer Creek and made a wonderful fresh water cress soup! Organic raw dining can even be obtained deep in the Grand Canyon!

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