Trip to the UMass Department of Ophthalmology!

I just returned from a visit to the UMass Department of Ophthalmology in Worcester, MA. The Department Chairman Dr Shalesh Kaushal invited me to visit his department to discuss my experience using microcurrent in the treatment of macular degeneration. Based on some of his research with retinal cells grown in the laboratory and using mouse model for macular degeneration he strongly feels that microcurrent should have a neuro-protective affect on the retina. We are designing a study to measure the effects of the application of microcurrent on the mouse retina. This is very exciting since I will now be able measure the beneficial effects in a laboratory model that I have observed in my practice treating macular degeneration. Dr. Kausals animal lab is state of the art, in fact, he is able to to take photographs and Ocular Coherence Tomography on a mouse eye! He has developed animal models of wet and dry macular degeneration along with a model of glaucoma. This will enable us to look at tissue changes on the microscopic and histochemical level after microcurrent treatment. The first step in this project is to develop microcurrent leads that can be placed on the mouse eye. The second step will be to reprogram the current and frequencies to be specific for treating mice. Our goal is to have non-refutable evidence to convince the Ophthalmic community of the benefits of microcurrent therapy!

He also shared with me his reaserch on a commonly used seizure medication that is helping patients with retinal disease!

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