Visit to the stem cell center in Germany

The XCell Stem Cell Center in Dusseldorf is the oldest stem cell center in Europe and it has been in operation for the past 5 years. Germany has very strict requirements for using stem cells. Stem Cells, even though they are processed from the individual’s bone marrow, are considered a drug and they must meet all the standards for a drug approval.

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I had the pleasure of visiting the XCellStem Cell Center and reviewed their technique and results using stem cell therapy. I met with the Director and founder, Dr. C. H. Kleinbloesem and several other doctors who are on staff. The center is housed in a major hospital and it has all of the latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment to treat and monitor patients. Most of the patients have neurological problems and the center is treating about 50 patients a week. In neurological conditions the method of harvesting the cells is through a bone marrow aspiration typically the large hip bone is used. The cells are then processed using a propriety process at a specialized lab. The stem cells are concentrated and for most neurological cases the stem cells are injected directly into the lumbar spinal canal. Dr. Kleinbloesem’s results have indicated that this route of administration will get the stem cells directly into the spinal fluid which bathes the neurological tissues.

The center now averages around 10 eye cases a week and the preferred method of administering stem cells according the Center’s eye surgeon, Dr. Sassmanhausen, is a retrobulbar injection. This injection does not go into the eye but the injection is under eye placing the stem cells adjacent to the macular area. The XCell- Center is planning to begin doing intraocular injections of stem cells, much like the method of injection of avastin and luecentis for wet macular degeneration. In this method the stem cells will be much closer to the retina to have a beneficial affect.

The center has done over 200 cases of macular degeneration and the statistics can be summed up as follows. 1/3 of the patients do fantastic, 1/3 have a good response and 1/3 have no response. Dr. Kleinbloesem discussed alternative methods like Microcurrent to help improve the results of the stem cell therapy.

The good news is that you don’t have to go to Germany! We are now doing stem cells using the most potent cord cells to help you regenerate lost vision.

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