Scientific Proof that Microcurrent can benefit glaucoma

MCS lowers eye pressure.

A study published by The-Ching Chu in the Journal of Ocular Pharmacology Volume 18, Number 4, and 2002 Pages 293- 305 showed that electroacupuncture lowered the intraocular pressures in rabbits. The purpose of the study was to exam the effects of electroacupuncture (EA) on intraocular pressure in rabbits. EA stimulation was performed through to acupuncture needles placed close to the sciatic nerve. The point is the location of GB-30 or gallbladder 30. This point was chosen because it offered greater precision in terms of needle placement. The placement of the needle in an acupuncture meridian was shown to be critical. Placement of needle in a non- acupuncture point area was not that effective in lowering the eye pressure. Electrical impulses were administered from 0.1 Hz to 3 Hz and current from .1 to 1 volt. After one hour of EA stimulation the intraocular pressure was decreased along with a lowering of blood pressure and aqueous humor flow rate. Pressure was reduced by as much as 9 mm Hg and lasted for more than 9 hours.

This study confirms my observation that MCS can lower the intraocular pressure, which is observed in patients after MCS treatment. I believe that a more important effect of the microcurrent is the increase in blood flow to the optic nerve. Most eye doctors will agree that the main destructive component in glaucoma is not an increase in eye pressure but a decrease in optic nerve circulation that makes the nerve susceptible to the variations in eye pressure.


Evidence that Microcurrent has a Neuro-protective effect in the treatment of glaucoma!

An article was published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine based on research done at the Department of Optometry and Radiology at Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Glaucoma was induced in the right eye of 14 adult rats using laser photocoagulation. ( This causes scaring and build up of glaucoma pressure in the eye) The left eye was used as a control. The animals were divided into 3 groups. One group no treatment, the second group electroacupuncture using 2 Hz and the third group 100 Hz. The eyes received 3 treatment sessions each week for 4 weeks. The visual function was studied using Electroretinalgram measurements. (ERG)
There was no neuroprotection in the untreated group and the group using 100 Hz. In the group using the 2 Hz wave form there was a retinal protective effect when measuring changes in the retinal wave forms.
The authors conclude that electro acupuncture of 2 HZ provides neuro-protection by preserving retinal function in rats. Low frequency EA may be an alternative therapy in the treatment of glaucoma

I have been using microcurrent since 1999 for the treatment of glaucoma. The mechanism of action is felt to be 3 fold; improving blood flow, stimulating cellular activity and reducing inflammation and scar tissue. Now there is research evidence that microcurrent has a protective effect on the optic nerve. Why is this important? The problem with glaucoma is not so much the pressure in the eye but the effect the pressure has on blood flow to the optic nerve. Patients with glaucoma have a compromised optic nerve. Elevations in pressure can cause the blood flow to the optic nerve to be reduced resulting in damage to the nerve and loss of vision. This is why microcurrent can be so beneficial to patients with glaucoma. It helps to increase blood flow, stimulates cellular activity and now there is evidence of a neuro-protective effect.

Henry, Chan, Mason. Electroacupunctiure Provides a New Approach to Neuroprotection in Rats with Induced Glaucoma. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. April 2005, 11(2) 315-322.
Dr. Kondrot
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