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These doctors have taken advanced training on all the procedures performed during the Kondrot Program.  Each patient treated by these doctors  will be reviewed  by Dr. Kondrot to make certain the proper protocols are used.

Complete list of doctors listed according to Country/State


Edward C. Kondrot, MD
40122 Mason Rd
Zephyrhill, FL 33540


James Sleeman, OD
Shop 1 The Chittaway Centre Chittaway Bay NSW 2261 AUSTRALIA
+61 2 43889488

Dr. Fernando Yaacov Peña, MD. MSc.
Médico Oftalmólogo
Calle 120 7-38
Bogota, DC. Colombia
Cel. 313-3948606
Tel. +57-1-6191669

If you know a local eye doctor who might be interested in training please have him rcontact the office 800-430-9328  or

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