The Kondrot Eye and Vision Program. Now You can take the Program Online! No Need to come to Florida!

Travel has changed since the onset of the Coronavirus. It is my utmost concern for your safety and to help you improve your vision. So we are putting a hold on the. In-Office Kondrot Restore Vision. We are offering a special home program at a markedly reduced price to help you improve your health and vision.

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Did you know that over 85% of patients who attend the Kondrot Program have a significant change in vision?

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The Kondrot Eye and Vision Program. Now You can take the Program Online! No Need to come to Florida!
Testimonials of the Kondrot Program


I want to thank everyone at the Healing the Eye Center, from Dr. Kondrot and to the staff such as Nicole and Chelsea. Their program is absolutely outstanding and everyone associated with it does a great job. Before coming to the Center I had a lot of vision problems including a cataract and early macular degeneration which were gradually getting worse and really bringing down my quality of life. After only one week with their amazing program, my vision, as measured by various vision tests, IMPROVED BY NEARLY 50%. I was absolutely amazed and delighted! They had said that they always achieved significant vision improvements, but I wasn’t sure if it would really happen – and then it did! An incredible program. My vision has not only improved, my eyes feel better because they are no longer constantly straining.

They also provide you with all the tools and techniques to continue the treatments when you get home, and I know that my eyes will just continue to get better over time, and I now look forward to a future where I don’t have to worry about losing vision. I will be able to stay active and continue to do all the things I enjoy.

In short, for anyone who has a vision problem, and you have been told that there is nothing that can be done, the Healing the Eye Center is the place to go! They have discovered all the techniques and treatments that work and achieve real results. They are a wonderful, dedicated group who are passionate about helping everyone achieve not only improved vision but improved health overall. I give them my highest recommendation.

Thank you to the whole Center staff!

Bill Regensburger
Los Angeles, California

Dear Dr. Kondrot, on the 5th April  it will be exactly two years ago that I received treatment for “wet” ARMD diagnosed in my right eye in your clinic. I am so grateful to report that my eye has healed completely and I supper no discomfort from it.

I can read normal newspaper scrip and smaller print without effort. Prior to your treatment I could hardly read newspaper sub-titles.

I took up your advise seriously and changed my lifestyle completely upon return to South Africa. Food intake, including fresh fruit and vegetables are part of my daily diet. I also started walking for exercise, but got a liking in speed walk and are now a member of our provincial team. I will be taking part in the South African Masters Athletics Championships which will take place on May 18th and 19th of May in Pretoria.

“Thank you” are small words but it comes from my hart to express  my feeling of thanks to you.

A friend heard my testimony recently and asked for your details. He is Mr. J Guldenhuys from Bloemfontein. I belief that he has already forwarded his medical reports to your office. I told him that there is one person in the USA that can help him in the same manner as that I was helped.

Best regards,
Arie Benade.
Rustenburg, North West Province
Republic of South Africa.
[email protected]

Please answer these questions to see if you qualify

1) Do you have an eye problem that is limiting your vision?

2) Have you been told by your eye doctor that nothing else can be done?

3) Are you afraid of surgery or injections?

4) Are you looking for an alternative method to improve your vision?

5) Are you concerned about passing the vision test for your drivers license?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions then you will benefit from the 3 day program!

What is the Kondrot Program?

It is the best way to see if the alternative therapies offered at the Healing the Eye and Wellness Center can help YOU!

Here are what patients are saying and experiencing during the 3 Day Program.

The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed and I liked the breakfast. After three days my vision is sharper
and I have a much calmer feeling. Vision improvement was 6 lines better in right eye and 4 lines better in left eye.
R.A.(ARMD) Arizona

I received good treatment from the staff. My contrast is clearer. The doctor was very helpful and kind. Actual vision improvement was 2 letter better in right eye and 3 letters better in left.
H.A.(ARMD) Arizona

I liked the treatments and the holistic approach. You could hire me! Tara is awesome. This was a good experience. Eyes seem more clear. Vision improvement was 3 letters in left eye. D.B.(Stargardt) Ohio

I like all of you! Dr. Kondrot is brillant. I am able to see better in bright light and not having to squint. I can see more color and it is easier to see without my glasses. Vision improvement in 3 days was 4 letters in right eye and 11 letters in left eye.
E.C. ( PVD, Diabetic Retinopathy) Arizona

Everyone was very caring and I saw some immediate improvement in my eyes. The staff is very friendly and made us feel at home. The doctor and therapists are very professional. Vision improvement is 5 letters in right eye and 3 letters in left eye.
D.C. (Retinitis Pigmentosa) Wisconsin

I liked most everything about this program, the business with the doctor. A rare a wonderful person and enjoyed hours with Doina and Tara. I could feel lots of changes take. I’m seeing shapes compared to only seeing light before. Vision improvement is 6 letters better.
M.C. (Optic Neuropathy, Glaucoma, Retinal detachment) California

Registration for the Kondrot Program!

Please call 1-800-430-9328 or 352-588-0477

or email [email protected]

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