Homeopathy and the Flu!

Homeopathy in the Treatment of the Flu- 200 years of Proven Sucess

I presented a talk on Homeopathy in the treatment of flu at the 77th International Syntonic Light Conference in Niagara Falls Canada. Homeopathy has consistently out performed traditional medicine in the treatment of epidemics and flu since 1813! Studies have documented a mortality of 28.2% in the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918 under allopathic or traditional care, and under homeopathic care the mortality was only 1.05%!!

If this does not stream properly you can view my talk on youtube at:

Essentials to Improve Your Vision
Have you been diagnosed with an ocular disease? Are you losing your vision? Want to learn methods to keep your eyes healthy?  This year we are traveling to select cities for our  Essentials to Improve Your Vision Seminar. This will include a one day seminar and all participants will receive a copy of my bestselling book Healing the Eye the Natural Way. There is also an opportunity for consultations and treatments. We are planning to be at the following locations.
Now scheduling at these locations: 
• Tampa, FL  May 4-7, 2009
• Pittsburgh, PA- 7 Springs Resort June 15-18, 2009
• Houston, TX   July 13-16, 2009
• Australia August 14- 28, 2009 Sydney, Melbourne &
• Philadelphia, PA- Peddlar Village Sept. 21-25, 2009
• Chicago, IL October 5-8, 2009
Join me at one of these locations to learn all the latest techniques to improve your vision and health. This all day seminar will be free to the public and all attendees will receive a free copy of  Healing the Eye the Natural Way

Click here to see the part of the seminar on 10 essentials to improve your visionHomeopathy and the Flu!
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