New at Healing the Eye!

One day introductory program to microcurrent, light therapy and homeopathy

Now offering a special one day introductory program to microcurrent, light therapy and homeopathy! This program has been designed to get youquickly started on a program to regain your health and vision

The one day program is aimed for people who are relatively healthy with beginning stages of a visual problem. This is not a substitute for our 3 day more comprehensive program for individuals with serious health and visual problems.

What does the 1 day program include?
– Comprehensive eye evaluation
– Vision Testing
– Homeopathic evaluation
– Homeopathic remedy
-Nutritional Support
-1 micro current treatment
– 1 color therapy treatments
-Training for customized home treatment program
-Programmable micro current machine.
-Color Therapy Equipment                                                     

What does the 3 day more comprehensive program include?
-Comprehensive eye evaluation
-Vision Testing
-Homeopathic Evaluation
-Naturopathic evaluation
-Mineral Testing
-Nutritional Supplement Evaluation
-IV Therapy and Ozone Therapy
-6 micro current treatments
-6 color therapy treatments
-Daily seminars with group interaction with Dr Kondrot and Dr. O to review the 10 Essentials to save your eyesight
-Complimentary autographed copy of Dr. Kondrot’s best selling book
-Massage therapy
-Training for customized home based treatment program
-Programmable micro current machine.

Limited spaces for both programs in our 2009 calendar.  Take this step NOW to improve your health and vision!
Please call Lynn at 623-516-0010 or [email protected]

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