Color Therapy to Treat Eye Disease

Color therapy in the treatment of eye disease – nothing new
under the sun!

Color therapy sounds like something that belongs to interior design and not in the doctor’s office! You may be surprised that there is a long history of color in the treatment of eye disease. A 73 year old institution called the College of Syntonics has investigated color therapy in the treatment of eye disease. Evidence shows that disease is caused by an imbalance in the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic system has 2 parts the sympathetic and the parasympathetic. The sympathetic responsible for survival or “fight or flight” and the parasympathetic which is responsible for the body sustaining life, like digestion and healing disease. When you are running away from a grizzly bear your body does not care about digesting your food! Stress – yes we have heard of that word – STRESS certainly contributes to disease and stress can also be the fuel that sustains disease and prevents healing. The mechanism of stress is felt to over-stimulate the sympathetic nervous system and to suppress the parasympathetic.

When the parasympathetic system is suppressed the body has a difficult time to heal disease. Healing will not take place unless there is a balance in the autonomic system. Color therapy can help. The red spectrum has been documented to stimulate the sympathetic system. No we do not want this since most of our life takes care of this very nicely! The color red has been associated with anger and increase heart rate and an increase in blood pressure. Blue on the other hand will relax the sympathetic system and stimulate the parasympathetic. This is the first step towards healing disease. Think about how relaxing the blue ocean water and blue sky can be! A vacation to the beach can be very healing.

The College of Syntonics has investigated specific color wave lengths and has studied the affects on eye disease. This research is on-going but data indicates that certain frequencies of blue green light can improve the vision in patients with macular degeneration and certain frequencies of green light can lower the pressures in patients with glaucoma. The key is “certain frequencies” each color can have a myriad of frequencies and the task is to identify the best frequency that resonates with the eye. This therapy can be compared to microcurrent stimulation. In microcurrent stimulation specific frequencies of low current are administered to the body to treat disease. Just like ion color therapy the
success of the treatment is based on selecting the proper frequency for the patient.

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