Consultation with Dr. Kondrot

The best way to evaluate your case is in person or we can schedule a telephone consult.

Toll free: 800-430-9328
[email protected]

The first step to begin treatment is to schedule an initial evaluation with Dr. Kondrot. This evaluation can be scheduled by calling our office at 1-800-430-9328. During this evaluation Dr. Kondrot will review your medical records and discuss the possible alternative treatments that are recommended to treat your condition.

Please print and complete the following forms prior to your scheduled consultation:

Please bring or send us a copy of previous eye records to include:

  • Visual Acuity and Fields
  • Laboratory Studies
  • Diagnosis and Past Treatment
  • Copies of Eye Photographs (if
  • Copy of Flourescin Angiogram (if available)


*Alternative Therapies and homeopathic Initial Consultation $500.00

*This includes a one month follow up exam


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