Past Shows 2014

December 14, 2014
My special guest Dr. Jeff Kotulski. Medical doctor and top soil expert. We are going to discuss the relationship of healthy topsoil to healthy eyesight

December 7, 2015
Dr. Steven Sinatra is my guest! He is America’s number one integrative cardiologist and author of The Great cholesterol Myth and Earthing the Most important Health Discovery Ever. Join us for a very exciting discussion on these topics!

Nov 30, 2014
Dr. Glen Swartwout. We discussed developing vision and consciousness, seeking truth, exploring the living universe, sharing knowledge, modeling a clinically useful Theory of Everything.

Nov 16, 2014
Sam Milham, author of Dirty Electricity, discusses how dirty electricity is harming our health!

Nov 9, 2014
Jeff and Basha Kaplan join me on Healthy Vision! The authors of the best selling book, Soul Mating. Learn how relationships affect your vision!

Nov 2, 2014
 Author of Heal Thyself.Transform Your Life, Dr. DeWet is my guest. Transform Your Health. Learn the essentials to regain your health!

Oct 26, 2014
Learn the truth regarding on of the most important molecules to help you regain your health. Nathan S. Bryan, PhD is my guest

Oct 19, 2014
Dr David Pesek discusses the important information at the last Iridology meeting. Learn How iridology can help you!

September 7, 2014
Arzhan Surazakov, PhD will discuss the amazing benefits of the Delta Laser to improve your health and vision!

August 24, 2014
Dr. Todd Wylie, alternative eye doctor, is my guest. We will be discussing results using the Bemer to treat eye disease!

August 17, 2014
Dr. Jerry Tennant, integrative Ophthalmologist and author of Healing is Voltage, is my guest. We will discuss his unique steps in evaluating the cause and steps to treat eye diseases.

August 10, 2014
Shannon Goossen, Acupuncture Physician and Licensed Massage Therapist, who was the Microcurrent Case Conference winner in 2013, discusses why everyone should embrace microcurrent to improve their health!

July 27, 2014
Learn the truth of Dr. Royal Rife and his frequencies. My guest is Dr. David Trudeau

Learn all about the Camino de Santiago from Father Kevin Codd Author of the Field of Stars!

June 1, 2014
Paul Harding, an expert on the harmful effects of Smart Meters

May 25, 2014
Robert Dotson, MD Ophthalmologist, and we discuss the medical use of  Marijuana

May 18, 2014
Dr. Oddveig Myhre discusses the problems with food in the United States!

Recent shows on specific Eye Problems!
Learn in detail the steps you need to take to reverse vision loss!

May 11, 2014
Special on the Alternative therapies for glaucoma

May 4, 2014
Special on Macular Degneration

April 27, 2014
Special on Microcurrent Therapy for eye disease

April 20, 2014
Special on Reversing Cataracts


College of Syntonic Light Therapy
From January 4th through March 23, 2014 I interviewed members of the Syntonic Optometry. These are doctors who specialize in the use of light therapy to improve health and vision. Join me as we interview these fascinating doctors!

March 23, 2014
Listen to Dr. Liberman on KFNX Healthy Vision as he discusses transforming your vision at  the upcoming Transformative Weekend Event! Enjoy the genuis of this man as he discusses vision with a unique and completely different understanding!

February 16, 2014
Special show to honor the life and work of Dr. Charlie Butts. Because Dr. Kondrot is studying in Paris, France the show is hosted by Dr. Ray Gotlieb

February 9, 2014
Special show to honor the life and work of Martin Sussman founder of the Cambridge Insitute of Vision Development

January 26, 2014
Dr. Ray Gotlieb discusses research that supports the application of light to improve health and treat eye disease

January 12, 2014
Dr. Larry Wallace discusses practical applications of Syntonic Light therapy and the upcoming Syntonic Conference in St. Pete Beach, FL

January 4, 2014
Dr. Don Barneske discusses the basic concepts of Syntonic Light Therapy

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