Remarkable Visual Field changes!

Over the last 15 years the majority of patients who have completed the Kondrot Program have experienced improvement in acuity, contrast and manual color visual fields. Critics of the change claim that is was do to the placebo effect, patients becoming more comfortable with the testing or it was the result of over zealous coaching to read more.

The results are improving as I add more modalities. Currently the combination of Nutritional IV’s, Microrcurrent and Syntonic Light therapy and Oxidative therapies are producing good results.
Read about these results

I recently obtained a Humphrey Computerized Field Analyzer Model 750 which is the state of the art analyzer used in eye research. When I begin to use this additional testing method I did not expect to see much change after 3 days of treatment. I was hoping that there would be a slight improvement to support my measurements of improvement of acuity and contrast.

Much to my surprise the changes in the Computerized Filed analyzer were phenonemal! In fact many conventional Ophthalmologist who view these changes don’t see how this is possible.

Because of these profound changes that have occurred in only 3 days Dr. Robert Ritch at New York Eye and Ear is interested in developing a controlled study and I have applied for a formal study through the Western Institutional Review Board.

Some example of visual field changes over 3 days

Glaucoma Field Loss

Before                                  After

IMG_2380  IMG_2383















Field loss from Macular Degeneration

Before                                    After

IMG_2382 IMG_2383













Field loss from a retinal artery occlusion

Before                                        After

nIMG_2384 IMG_2385

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