The 10 Essentials to Save Your Sight Webinar!
This is the most popular webinar and a very good introduction to a holistic approach to begin saving your vision.
Are YOU One of the 99% of Patients Who are Losing Their Vision and Who are Dissatisfied with Their Current Treatment? If you answered YES you must attend this Webinar!

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Microcurrent Medicine of the Future
micro energy of future

You are invited to a special webinar. Microcurrent the Medicine of the Future. More and more doctors are discovering the benefits of this remarkable therapy. Last year the New York Times Magazine devoted a feature article on the miracles of Microcurrent! I never travel without my microcurrent machine and it was key to my completing the 500 mile Camino di Santiago!



You will learn the following

  • Why microcurrent has the potential to replace the pharmaceutical industry
  • The mechanisms of why microcurrent can treat many diseases.
  • The number one use for microcurrent. No it is not treating the eye.
  • Why I was so popular on the 500 mile Camino di Santiago!
  • Major researchers are now patenting microcurrent signals for commercialization! Learn what signals are felt to change the future of medicine!
  • What is the best way to learn more about microcurrent and get started on your own treatments Special discounts on owe net microcurrent training
  • And much more!

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Reverse Macular Degeneration Webinar 


I have been working on a special Webinar the last 6 months to review all the latest treatments and prevention of macular degeneration. There is so much new information that I want share with you. Here is a sample of items covered in the webinar.

1) How genetic testing can help you fight macular degeneration.
2) Injections for wet macular degeneration are not the best choice and should be avoided in most cases.
3) Learn simple home treatments that can strengthen your eyes.
4) What are the best omega oils to help reverse vision loss
5) What are the latest studies regarding microcurrent and macular degeneration?
6) How is your gut and digestion related to good vision?
7) A new IV protocol to reverse neurological damage.
Much much more!
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The big lie in glaucoma treatment Webinar!

Learn what treatments work and why your current treatment might be ineffective and even dangerous to your health and vision.
Glaucoma is a serious disease and proper treatment is necessary to prevent vision loss. Lowering eye pressure by using drops, laser or surgery, in most cases, is not the best way to treat this disease. Learn why the focus of treatment needs to be on improving the health of the brain and optic nerve.

1) Learn the facts regarding an extensive study on Marijuana reported in the British Journal Of Ophthalmology. This could be the most amazing natural substance to treat glaucoma. It  can lower pressure, balances the autonomic nervous system and has a neuro-protective, neuro-regenerative and an anti-inflammatory effect!
2) Learn about an Italian study that revealed a common nutritional substance called Citocholine  that can have a marked neuro-protective effect and prevent vision loss in glaucoma
3) An ingredient in red beets causes vasodilation which improves blood flow to the optic nerve and  it improves trabecular meshwork function which results in a lower intraocular pressure
4) An ingredient in Vietnamese soup can remove  heavy metals that are toxic to the optic nerve and neurological tissues
5) Treating the neurological cell membrane is the key to prevent vision loss in glaucoma and in some cases treatment of the membrane can reverse years of vision loss. Learn the extensive research and innovative treatments being developed in cell membrane restoration.
6) Vitamins may backfire! A national study indicated that patients with a certain genotype actually had a increase risk of vision loss when taking certain vitamins! Learn how genetic testing can help you determine what vitamins are best for you.
7) How can microcurrent  and  light therapy can lower eye pressure and improve circulation?

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3 Steps to Reverse Cataracts without Surgery by a Former Eye Surgeon!


Here is a sample of items covered in the webinar. 

1) Can eye drops cure cataracts and what eye drops work the best?
2) Focal scurvy might be a cause of cataracts.
3) Why Cataract surgery might lead to macular degeneration and why this should be your last resort. How to prevent this if you need cataract surgery!!
5) Elevated lead is a leading cause of cataracts.
And …Much..Much.. More

Would like to learn the latest alternative treatments of  Dry Eyes? Begin now to save and improve your vision!

1) Learn 3 key nutrients that can cure your dry eyes!
2) Light therapy might be the next big advance in treating dry eyes
3) Why  Restasis is the one of the most damaging eye drops and why you should avoid this medication at all costs
4) Why fish oils might be making your dry eyes worse
5) A 10 second test to find out if you are deficient in this key mineral that is linked to dry eyes!
6) How the simply act of drinking enough water can improve eyesight!
7) A simple, non-invasive treatment that can stimulate tear production and improve your symptoms of dry eyes immediately!
And much more!

Alternative Treatments of Dry Eye Webinar (Instant access)


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