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PART 1 Dee Woods Article
Over the last several years, I’ve read wonderful reports about the work of the nation’s only homeopathic ophthalmologist, Edward Kondrot, M.D. Dr. Kondrot’s practice is in Phoenix Arizona.

My initial exposure to the work of Dr. Kondrot came from glowing reports written by my other favorite alternative physician, Dr. Robert Rowen. Dr. Rowen, an ardent fan of Dr. Kondrot’s, sent his own father to Kondrot for treatment of his macular degeneration. Dr. Rowen writes of how Kondrot successfully treated his elderly father.

Dr. Rowen writes of Dr. Kondrot’s work with macular degeneration and cataracts using frequency specific microcurrent (FSM). Rowen also writes about the broader use of FSM for tissue injuries as well as for treatment of numerous other health issues.

I was in the process of researching Dr. Kondrot’s use of FSM for eye disorders for a future column, when I decided to consult Dr. Kondrot for an entirely different vision problem I was having.

As I sat on the plane to Phoenix, I realized I would now have the opportunity to write about him first hand. It was both an exciting proposition as well as a frightening one.

I sustained an injury to my left eye over a year ago. The injury resulted in ‘vitreous floaters,’ those little nondescript objects that float temporarily into your field of vision at unsuspecting moments. They come out of nowhere to distract and annoy. I happened to have had a rather large floater that occasionally caused a blur in my vision. Additionally, I had small flashes that appeared from time to time along the outside periphery of my left eye. My floaters didn’t interfere with overall vision but they did posed a nuisance.

I visited an ophthalmologist who advised me nothing could be done and that the flashes indicated a slight tugging on the retina. He explained he wanted to monitor this condition regularly.

This was of great concern to me so I decided to call Dr. Kondrot to see if he might be able to treat this condition. He explained he had only treated about half-a-dozen people who asked him to treat floaters, but felt his treatment may well help me. I decided to make the trip because we could work it around a visit with our son and his family in Arizona. We headed west.

I was slightly apprehensive as I pondered the treatment and wondered exactly what his protocol involved. I soon found out.

My experience with Dr. Kondrot and his associates was like nothing I have ever experienced. It was not your typical medical visit to be certain. His treatments require three days because, amazingly, he is one of those outstanding doctors who treats ‘the whole person’ rather than any one condition. I shoulda guessed when I learned he was a homeopathic ophthalmologist.

The first day of treatment I was given a battery of vision tests. From there on it was an event that I considered a wonderful experience.

Next week – Dr. Kondrot and his practice
Dee Woods can be reached at [email protected]

PART 2 Dee Woods Article

As I explained last week, I visited Dr. Kondrot’s Phoenix, Arizona office for treatment of a problem with visual floaters.

From the get-go, I can tell you the visit was much more than I expected and the overall results were immeasurable. It’s a very difficult experience to explain. I can only say it was so productive that on my second day I couldn’t wait to get to the Wellness Center. I was actually excited to be there. I instinctively knew this doctor and his staff were truly about the whole person and healing. Healing of the eyes, is only part of the program. As much as I was aware of the importance of the whole person, it took Dr. Kondrot’s staff to materialize that concept.

Dr. Kondrot and his staff, Doina and Tara were phenomenal. (We Midwestern types have limited our creativity to forenames like “Heather” and “Tiffany.”) They are exceptional individuals of wisdom and compassion.

There was never a doubt in my mind that all of these caring people had healing as their major goal. That explains the three-day program. I refer to it as a journey rather than a doctor’s visit because I considered it a journey into understanding. Frankly, as much as I write about alternative healing, I’ve never visited an alternative physician, especially one with a total understanding of what it takes to facilitate genuine healing.

As I stated earlier, Dr. Kondrot’s major thrust is “the whole person.” He believes that healing of the eye is only part of the healing process. He addresses the mind and the entire body in addition to the eye.

One of his most important tools is frequency specific microcurrent (FSM). I’ve written about FSM in the past for healing tissue throughout the body. It can hasten the healing process. (I wrote of Dr. McMakin and her work with FSM on football player, Terrell Owens).

Dr. Kondrot also believes a good diet is essential to any healing process and he provides patients with suggestions about improving their diets.

My first day was one of tremendous learning and healing. I spent the first entire hour with Dr. Kondrot discussing my overall health. Initially, he tested my vision and treated me with FSM.

The second day involved some testing but largely consisted of treatment first with FSM and acupuncture. I crammed three days into a two-day session because I was so interested in the program, I took whatever blocks of time were available on such short notice. I would not suggest cutting the program short and wished I had been able to have the third day. Nonetheless, I was pleased with the outcome.

Within that two-day time frame, my floaters had largely dissipated. It got even better. Other seemingly minor conditions were addressed and have subsequently improved.
I left the facility with a portable FSM machine that was programmed to address a number of conditions in addition to the vitreous floaters.

I use the machine on a regular basis and see improvement each week. The dark floaters are almost all gone. The blur has become smaller and more translucent and the flashes too, appear far less frequently.

Dr. Kondrot stresses this is not an overnight treatment. I have steady improvement and will continue using the FSM machine as long as necessary. He is known for his treatment of macular degeneration and cataracts but can address most any visual problem. He is a man of true ‘vision.’

You can contact Dr. Kondrot’s office at 602-631-4504 or 800-430-9328. He schedules 15 minute consultations to explain his protocol.

Next week I would like to explain Dr. Kondrot’s background and how he came to develop his Healing the Eye & Wellness Center. He has authored two books, “Healing the Eye the Natural Way; Alternative Medicine and Macular Degeneration” and “Microcurrent Stimulation: Miracle Eye Cure which can be purchased at

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PART 3 Dee Woods Article

The doctor was preparing himself for the Ironman Triathlon when he developed acute adult-onset asthma. He was treated conventionally but the medicine’s side effects and the recurrence of his asthma, made it impossible for him participate in such rigorous activity. His pulmonologist told him his condition was a life-long burden; he would have to learn to live with it.

This edict was unacceptable to Dr. Edward Kondrot. He noted that homeopathy was being practiced by many of the professional athletes he was rubbing elbows with. Conventional therapy was a bust, so why not try something else? What did he have to lose?

A physician himself, Kondrot decided to investigate homeopathy, the practice of healing by stimulating the body to promote its own healing.

In order to accept this new premise, Dr. Kondrot had to adjust his thinking and broaden his horizons. His medical degree in ophthalmology did not “compute” when it came to healing with homeopathy.

He then consulted a homeopathic physician who treated his asthma. The first preparation helped him, but only minimally. His homeopathic physician then prescribed a second natural preparation that did the trick. His asthma was diminishing until it finally abated completely.

This natural healing began a chain of events that caused Dr. Kondrot–a man who had practiced conventional medicine for 20 years–to take a second look at his own ophthalmology practice. His new understanding of the body and healing caused him to feel the surgeries he performed and the medicines he prescribed weren’t actually totally useful in healing the eye. He wanted more for his patients. He wanted them to have hope. He wanted them to find healing without drugs and their side effects.

He complemented his existing medical education by obtaining a degree in homeopathy and then established the only homeopathic/ophthalmologic treatment center in the United States – Healing the Eye and Wellness Center in Phoenix, Az.

He also found that frequency specific microcurrent (FSM) could bring circulation and tissue repair to the region of the eye as well as other parts of the body when individually calibrated for each patient. He added color therapy and several other natural modalities to his successful practice.
During our conversation, Dr. Kondrot explained that around the turn of the century, many ophthalmologists used homeopathy on a regular basis; however, when antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals were discovered, homeopathy became somewhat extinct. The side effects of the new ‘quick fix’ medicine and the fact that most drugs merely mask symptoms, was an unknown at the time of the rush to move to the new pharmaceutical paradigm.

The very concept that homeopathy stimulates the body to heal itself, is now finding a great resurgence and Dr. Kondrot is one of those medical doctors leading the movement. He stresses homeopathy generally causes a progressive healing.

He emphasized that a hundred years ago, modern medicine used blood-letting for high blood pressure as well dangerous salts such as mercury in their “healing” protocols. He stated someday today’s modern medicine will be frowned upon for having used some of the ingredients in rat poison to thin blood. He pointed out that in larger doses, the compounds in Coumadin/warfarin were first used as a rat poison.

I honestly don’t suppose a column will ever do justice to the work of Dr. Kondrot and his staff. I suppose my ardent support is due to the fact I lived the experience and have seen results.
In closing my interview, just for kicks, I asked Dr. Kondrot how he did in the triathlon, and he replied, “I finished right after the winner, only 13 hours later.” Now, you gotta love that sense of humor!

More good news is that Dr. Kondrot is presently conducting clinical trials for 100 qualifying patients who have been diagnosed with macular degeneration (wet or dry).

For more information visit his website:[email protected] or call 1-800-430-9328 or 1-602-631-4504.

Dee Woods can be reached at [email protected]

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