Delta Cold Laser

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Delta Cold Laser

Delta Cold Laser
The latest configuration in our Delta Series Low-level Laser product line-up combines infrared laser, color, magnetism and ultrasound into one coherent and focused operation.

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I have researched many lasers on the market and this combines line-up combines 4 healing features into one coherent and focused operation!

1) Infrared laser
2) Color
3) Magnetism
4) Ultrasound

The Delta Go Set is designed for portability and convenience. Compact, light and with a Power Bank for up to 8.5 hours of continuous, portable use.


Garret Murin discusses all the features of the Delta Laser. If you have an interest in the cold laser this is one interview  you need to listen!

+ Compact
+ Included in the hand piece is an infrared laser, color light, magnetism and ultrasound into one coherent and focused operation
+ Power Bank for up to 8.5 hours continuous, portable use
+ Delta User Guide & Operating Instructions (on USB memory stick)
+ Electrical Adapter & Power Bank charging cable
+ Life-time Technical & Healing support for your Delta Laser

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