Dr. Kondrot’s New Book! 10 Essentials to Save Your Sight

Praise for Dr. Kondrot’s New Book!

Ten Essentials to Save Your Vision

Dr. Edward Kondrot is a messenger of hope. He truly embodies the ideal of “First, do no harm.” His careful explanations of the ten essentials to eye health serve as a powerful introduction and reinforcement to those who choose this road less traveled. I found this book fascinating. I am grateful beyond words to have this visionary doctor give me a huge measure of control over the gift of sight.
-Dianne Cecchett

Since relocating to the Phoenix area in the summer of 2006, I have consulted with and been treated by Dr. Kondrot for age-related macular degeneration and cataracts in both eyes. Both of these conditions are continually improving (as is my eyesight), both functionally and in acuity, as a result of following the lifestyle changes and therapies Dr. Kondrot espouses. This, his latest book, is a cornucopia of great information on eye health and the treatments available to reverse eye problems. As with most successful therapies, the patient needs to accept responsibility for needed lifestyle changes, which Dr. Kondrot has detailed in this book.
-Louis Drummond

Most doctors who treat eye disease and prescribe glasses mean well. However, their training is overwhelmingly biased toward the standard treatment of prescription glasses and surgery. They have no background in nutrition or non-conventional approaches to treating problems with the eyes. Most optometrists and ophthalmologists treat the eyes as isolated parts of the body. The connection between overall health and eye health is not even addressed during mainstream eye exams.

That is why this book, Ten Essentials to Save Your Vision, is so very valuable. I don’t believe there is a better book in which to find so much information that is both current and thorough on the subject of alternative treatments for the eyes.

The wonderful benefit of the book is its extensive coverage of nutrition, vitamins, drinking water, toxicities in our environment, and exercise, etc. Not only will our eyes improve when we apply the information to our daily lives, but our overall health will also reap big rewards. We may be able to prevent other health problems because of the valuable information in the book.

Most people, if given the chance, want to take control of their own health. Dr. Kondrot has done the research for us and we now have choices to make.

This book needs to be in the hands of all doctors treating eye diseases. We need these treatment options available in our local communities.

Unfortunately, it is hard to find practitioners able to perform some of the recommended treatments. Some of the therapies involve a cost. If more doctors were trained in using the treatments, the cost might be lower.

The Bates Method and other therapies described in the book are not widely accepted in the medical community. We need more controlled studies so that the leaders of institutions training our doctors will recognize the benefits.

We need to educate ourselves—and our eye doctors! This very readable book is a good start. Get this eye-opening book into the hands of as many people as possible, especially those treating our eyes and those training our doctors. Continue studying and writing about the research being done here and in other countries.
-Joyce Hill

As a registered nurse, I have seen the long-term problems and side effects that go along with treating symptoms rather than the underlying causes of disease. This book is for anyone who wants to take control of his or her health and vision by addressing the processes that lead to macular degeneration, along with finding out what critical steps need to be taken to improve sight and to reverse AMD.
-Leslie Degner, RN, BSN

Writing in a conversational, breezy, and easily understood style, Dr. Kondrot has packed this book with essential information and advice. This is an essential read for those who desire to maintain or improve their eye and vision health. He includes chapters on a variety of modalities readers can incorporate in their lives to improve their vision, from nutrition and supplements to microcurrent and stem cell therapy. Definitely a must-read!
-Margaret Smith

Ten Essentials to Save Your Vision discusses many factors that have a bearing on sight and functional vision. Not only does this book give information on how to regain sight after injury or disease, it also gives valuable information on how to stay healthy. It treats the person as a whole, not segmented in parts.
-Norman L. Elliott, OD

If you have eye problems, please don’t surrender to allowing “normal disease progression” while your eye doctor watches. The suggestions in this book are clear, straightforward, logical, and, in my experience, effective. I can assure you that even if your health challenges are not in your eyes, the suggestions in this book will go very far to assisting your body in healing. Remember, whatever helps any cell in your body to recover will be of assistance to every other cell, since your body is an integrated whole.

I could go on and on about different healing modalities, but it’s better now that you hear this from Dr. Kondrot. Enjoy your journey back to health!

-Dr. Robert Rowen
Editor of Second Opinion Newsletter

Thank you for the opportunity to review this exciting book. Dr. Kondrot’s down-to-earth ability to explain even the most difficult concepts makes the book easy to read. Several items that caught my “eye” were zinc deficiency, postural deficiency syndrome, and how seven of twelve cranial nerves are related to the eyes. Dr. Kondrot says, “We all have a personal Grizzly Bear.” Regardless of one’s eye condition, Dr. Kondrot’s primary concern is “to convince you [and me] to invest in [our] health. It is [our] most important asset.”
-Rosalyn Fast, BEd
Dr. Kondrot has written a book that can be an integrative primer for just about any organ system in the body, including the eyes. It is a basic “Handbook for Healthy Living” as well as a very exacting and common sense therapy program for eye diseases. It should be required reading for all students in traditional medical schools, all students in American high school and colleges, and anyone who wants a guidebook on how to live a healthy and complete life. I wholeheartedly recommend that YOU read it.
-Dr. Bruce H. Shelton, MD, MD(H), DiHom, FBIH
Homeopathic Family Physician
President, AHIMA

There is an admonition that goes like this: “Put your eyes back in your head!” That is exactly what Dr. Edward Kondrot, a holistic ophthalmologist, does in his ground-breaking book, Ten Essentials to Save Your Vision. He not only puts the eyes in the head, he also puts the head on the body. He maintains that our overall state of health has a great deal to do with the state of our vision. Dr. Kondrot insists that no treatment for eye disease, whether conventional or alternative, will be effective without the minimum groundwork of good nutrition, a balanced nervous system, and proper hydration. Ten Essentials offers a way for anyone to step up a personal health program. The beginner can start to improve eyesight by switching to organic food and proper supplements. The more sophisticated health reader can investigate the power of oxygen therapies and detoxification.

Dr. Kondrot is dedicated to self-empowerment as well as to rekindling hope in even people with the most advanced cases of vision loss. If African Dance can replace eye drops for glaucoma and palming (placing the hands over closed eyes) can reverse visual loss, I say go for it. No insurance, surgery, or drugs required. In fact, no doctors are needed. However, if you do want guidance on your vision-healing journey, Ten Essentials tells you how to find eye professionals who are trained in these alternative methods.

Ten Essentials is a template for complete health maintenance, health restoration, and the prevention of disease in any part of the body. Reading it, you will learn about methods that have been used for decades but have been spurned by established medicine: these are approaches your doctor will probably never mention. At the same time, you know that these techniques have been thoroughly researched and are being used with great success by a medical doctor who used conventional methods for many years before designing his own innovative program for his patients. As he says on his weekly radio show, Dr. Kondrot’s mission is, “To help you overcome your vision loss.” In Ten Essentials, along with his previous two books on natural eye care methods, Dr. Kondrot lays it all out in a user-friendly, non-jargony way.
-Gloria St. John

Dr. Kondrot has written a comprehensive book that everyone should read to better understand how to protect his or her vision. As an optometrist who has practiced for over thirty years, I have used light therapy, nutrition, Qi-gong, vision therapy, and microcurrent stimulation on patients: all of these work to improve vision and function. The eyes cannot be isolated from the rest of the body and must be considered a part of the whole person. Take Dr. Kondrot’s teachings to heart and you will find you can maintain good vision throughout your life. Don’t wait until you have a vision problem. If you have a vision problem already, get this book and follow its advice. It is a must-read.
-Charles M. Steinberg, OD, NQA
Gesell Institute Of Child Development

Dr. Kondrot, thank you for giving me your wisdom and experience, tempered by your critical thinking, in this book. You have put this wealth of information and resource material into a logical, responsible, and highly useful format. I am looking forward to the cookbook and am happy to know you love to fiddle in the kitchen, as well as to fiddle with your violin.
-Vance Wright

Everyone with eyes needs to read this book. It provides insight into the essentials of sight. Not only does it include information not available from local optometrists, but the size of the print also makes it easy to read. Read, study, take appropriate action, and celebrate continued clear vision, courtesy of Dr. Kondrot.
-Patricia J. Allen

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