The Gut as a source of disease!

Hippocrates said: “Look at the gut for the cause of disease”. I always thought this had to do with good nutrition, digesting food and treating disturbances like constipation and diarrhea. Recently I learned something that changed my opinion and I feel it will help you.

I have been suffering from chronic sinus allergies. These have been getting progressively worse and they have led to the development of a large nasal polyp. I had been treating myself with homeopathy, microcurrent and ozone with just a minimal amount of success.

I finally consulted an ENT doctor who suggested that the only option was surgery! He told me that the polyp was due to chronic allergies and inflammation and suggested surgery and a desensitization  program to the products I am allergic to (Primarily Grass, tree pollen- not very great if you are living on a 50 acre ranch! I was very downtrodden. I am an alternative doctor and I should be able to treat this? Microcurrent, homeopathy and ozone all reduce inflammation. Why wasn’t this working?

I had been reading that the “gut” can be a source of inflammation in many chronic conditions. I never consider this since my gut appears to be very healthy. Good daily bowel movements, rare to have diarrhea, constipation or indigestion.

I was at the Zyto Conference and had a Zyto energy reading that indicated that the source of my sinus problem was the gut. This is crazy, I thought! This just confirmed my opinion of these many electro/ energetic diagnostic machines. Gobblygook! A Nutri-West Representative suggested I try their green food detox program. It is only a 20 day program and I thought: what could I loose?

Amazing! After my 3rd day I noticed marked changes in the size of the nasal polyp and my allergic symptoms were improving!  I was very excited! Since many eye problems are due to allergies and inflammation, this could help my eye patients!

I have always looked for toxins, especially heavy metals, as a cause of disease. Now I am following the advice of Hippocrates, Look at the gut for the cause of disease. I want you to try this Green food detox program.  We have a special offer that includes the following for a 20 day program!

Green Detox Program to improve your health and vision!
Remove Toxins, support your gut and improve your health.  Program is simple to follow. No change in your diet is needed!

Detox Kit

  • Two Total green 16 oz  (3 scoops 3 times a day)
  • Two Total Fiber  (2 capsules  3 times a day
  • One Black currant  (2 capsules  3 times  a day
  • One Total Systemic Detox (1 capsule  3 times a day
  • One Complete glutathione (1 capsule  3 times a day
  • Special Bonus! You will receive a  Blender bottle, pill box, T-Shirt and detox Bag
    Investment in the 20 day detox  program is only $267.80

Yes Dr. Kondrot I want to begin my Detox program now! I promise to let you know my results!

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