Kirlain Photography

I am always investigating new techniques to help treat visual loss. Since I have just completed an advanced course in Kirlian photography and color I am very excited to share this new information with you. I became interested in Kirlian and color puncture after discovering this technique during my travels to India in the early 90’s.  Over the past fifteen years I have studied with Dr. Peter Mandel the German Naturopathic doctor that developed this extremely interesting system of diagnosing and treating disease.

Kirlian Photography was first developed  Georg Lichtenberg in 1777. He noticed electromagnetic discharges in the high frequency field of the human body. In the beginning of the 20th century an English physician Dr. Walter Kilner discovered that the human aura could be observed through a plate glass stained with dicyanide. He observed that fatigue, disease and mood changes changed the shape and color of the fine pulsating cloud.  In 1930 the Russians Semjon and Valentina Kirlian succeeded in observing the high frequency field of living subjects with out endangering the organism in anyway.  Prof. F. A. Popp the famous German light physicist states, “The correspondence between Kirlian photography and the surface of the skin is important in regards to diagnostic evaluation”
The greatest advance in the utilization of Kirlian photography was made by the efforts of the German Dr. Peter Mandel who was trained as an acupuncturist. . He observed that by treating disease states with acupuncture points the corresponding deficiencies in the Kirlian photograph would change. After years of research Dr. Mandel has developed a diagnostic and treatment program based on Kirlian analysis.

Disease states are caused by energy blockages. The Kirlian photograph helps to determine the overall energy flow of the body and locations of energy blockage which are manifested in the disease state.  Dr. Mandel has categorized types of energy patterns on the Kirlian into endocrine, toxic and degenerative. Endocrine is the pre-disease state. The patient has symptoms but there is no discernable pathology. The Kirlian can be extremely valuable in locating the area of blockage. The second type of disturbance in the energy pattern is the toxic state. This is when there tissue changes develop such as inflammation, congestion and blockages of energy flow in the body. The third type is the degenerative type where the body begins to show destructive tissue changes.

I purchased a Kirlian machine in 1995 and begin to look at changes on the Kirlian with eye disease. Let’s look at macular degeneration and Kirlian changes. An endocrine pattern of energy would indicate a loss of vision with no observation of tissue changes in the macula. This would be an individual who has difficulty adapting to light, light sensitivity and dimness of vision. Yet on a routine eye examination no changes would be observed. The value with the Kirlian is the location of blockage could be observed. In Chinese medicine the liver or kidney meridian are often associated with eye disease. This does not mean that there is damage to the kidney or liver but an energetic blockage is present.

Once abnormal energy patterns are identified with the Kirlian then Colorpuncture is used. It is a valuable technique that uses application of colored light on acupuncture points and meridians to treat energy imbalances and blockages in the body. For more about colorpuncture.

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