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1. The most commonly prescribed vitamin by eye doctors is actually deficient in this key ingredient!
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3. Drinking the appropriate amount of water can help improve eyesight.
4. Cataract surgery should be a last resort after trying other non-invasive treatments.
5. Some sunglasses actually do more harm than good.
6. There is a simple, non-invasive treatment that can wake up dysfunctional retinal cells and improve vision.
7. A lotion is available that reverse years of eye changes caused by heavy metal poisoning.
8. Studies indicate laser surgery may actually make vision worse
9. Abnormalities of the cranio-sacral pump, which can lead to many eye problems, can be corrected by a painless five- minute treatment!
10. Poor diet isn’t the main culprit of nutritional balances- poor digestion and absorption are to blame.

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