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Dr. Kondrot’s highly recommends this formula for Ocular Detox to help remove heavy metals and improve your vision and vascular health.

Ocular Detox is a Heavy Metal Detox, which is designed to remove toxins and contaminants that we breathe in and consume inadvertently every day.

Removing toxins from the blood is especially important in today’s world, with pollution levels rising all the time. Daily exposure to toxins, in particular heavy metals, can be extremely harmful. Unless these are removed, they’ll stay in our system slowly poisoning us over time.

Formulated by Dr. Edward Kondrot  – Ocular Detox include a unique blend of supplements which specifically target heavy metals.

Ocular Detox  reviews from customers and medical professionals are extremely positive. For a comprehensive daily detox, add Ocular Detox  to your shopping cart.

The Ultimate Detoxifier, no other garlic-based product comes close to the powerful, synergistic combination of natural chelating and detoxification activity of this unique formula.Ocular Detox  has been specially designed to help the body excrete undesirable toxins, heavy metals and lipids, while helping control excessive blood clotting tendencies.


Niacin 6.67mg
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) 6.67mg
Garlic Powder Allium Sativum bulb 266.67mg
Carrageenan 200mg
Calcium Disodium EDTA 133.33mg
Methylsulfanylmethane 33.33mg
Red Yeast Powder, Monascus purpueus (bulb) 33.33mg
Papain 33.33mg
Beta sitosterol 33.33mg
Malic Acid 16.67mg
Betaine Hydrochloride 16.67mg
DL-methionine 16.67mg
Horsetail powder, Equisetum arvense (Stern) 13.33mg
Hawthorn P.E. (Cratageus Oxycantha) 1.8 Vitexin-2 –O-Rhamnoside 3.33mg

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Stearic acid, Water, Magnesium stearate, and Maltodextrin

Description: An exclusive clinically proven formula to promote healthy energy and endurance contains chelators to assist the body in its natural function of toxin, heavy metal and lipid excretion, a necessity for healthy living on our polluted planet.

Directions: Children, 1 capsule per 15 pounds per day. Adults’ 3 to 6 capsules per day.

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Order the Ocular Detox
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