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“Finally, by the grace of God,

I discovered your practice.

Without you we would be preparing for a seeing eye dog, Braille lessons, and other life altering changes.” – Robin Buchman, Patient’s Wife

“Anyone with Eye-Related problems needs this book. Dr. Kondrot talks to us in an easy-to-understand language, gives us many ways to help keep our eyes healthy.” – Eileen Naumann, Author of Homeopathy 911
“This is a very practical guide that patients can use to evaluate their condition, make choices and initiate a reasonable program for themselves.” – Dahlia Hirsch, MD (Ophthalmologist and Holistic Doctor) 
“It is wonderful to know that the material in this book is compiled from years of work and dedication of a respected specialist who has dared to go the distance in this field.”
– A. Wilson

Book Description

This 12-step program is divided into three sections: part one focuses on improving general health; part two presents techniques for exercising and relaxing the eye; and part three details homeopathy, chelation, and microcurrent stimulation.

Why another book dealing with alternative medicine and vision problems?? I felt there was a need for a book that goes beyond nutrition, vitamin and mineral thgerapy for the treatment of macular degeneration. Over 20 years of practice have convinced me that there are alternative therapies that can be of great value in the treatment of this disabling condition. I want to share with the reader important information regarding vision therapy, homeopathy, chelation and micro-current stimulation that can change the life and sight of many people.

Excerpt from Forward by William K. Coors

“At this writing I have sixteen more years of life expectancy. I have every confidence that at the end of those years, I will see well enough to enjoy a gorgeous sunset and feast on the faces of those I love. I can’t urge you strongly enough to take the message of this book to heart. Neither Dr. Kondrot nor I can make you any promises, but there is one thing I can all but guarantee. You will see better longer, and you may even see well for the rest of your life.”

Review from a Family Physician and Homeopathic Doctor

“I was absolutely delighted to read Dr. Kondrot’s book Healing the Eye the Natural Way. I am a Family Physician, a Homeopathic Doctor, and I have a family history of macular degeneration. This book helps me on all three of those levels. This book presents a sensible and rational, multi-disciplinary, holistic approach to eye health and particularly to macular degenaration. We need more information like that found in this book.” – Lynn A. Durand

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Products - Healing the Eye
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Products - Healing the Eye

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Products - Healing the Eye

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