Schedule 8th Annual Microcurrent Conference

Microcurrent Training Day 1
October 1, 2014

Weds 9:00 AM to Noon

Why microcurrent is the future of health care
History of microcurrent
Different Microcurrent machines and their application
Basics of microcurrent
Microcurrent studies
intro to the inspirstar
The 3 most important microcurrent Programs
-Brain Balancing

Lunch on your own

 1:00PM to 5:00 PM
 there are two workshops  Get started is for beginners and the Level one Training is for licensed health workers with some experience in Microcurrent)

1) Get started program for beginners (No computer is needed)
Learn the basics of microcurrent and frequencies
operating the microcurrent machine
place of gloves and electrodes
Selection of programs that will be best for you
Trouble shooting
Option to buy you personalized microcurrent machine
3 protocols  ($595)
5 Protocols  ( $2250.00)
10 Protocola ( $2750.00)

2) Inspirstar Level one Afternoon Training ( PC computer with windows is needed)

Learn how to add and change programs
Learn to program your own treatments
Need moderate knowledge of PC operations
Need to bring your own window PC computer to the workshop
Mac with a windows partition will also work
Option to buy software to program your machine (Software and connecting cable $595.00)
Option to buy library of microcurrent programs ( $395.00)

Microcurrent  Training Day 2
October 2, 2014

Thursday 9:00 AM to Noon

Review and questions
Getting better results with microcurrent
Review of treatments and programming
Changes and updated frequencies
Practice Treatment sessions

Lunch (on your own)

1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Intro to Avazzia and workshop
4 steps for  pain treatment
Examination to qualify for a certificate  (Inspirstar Level one training only)


Microcurrent Conference Day 1
Oct 3. Friday

8:30 AM Welcome!

9:00 AM Using computer biofeedback to select the right frequency for a specific tissue and condition
Edward Kondrot, MD USA

10:00 AM Break (Please visit all our exciting  exhibitors!)

11:00 AM-The real truth about Rife and his frequencies.
David Trudeau  USA

12:00 Lunch to honor exhibitors (Each exhibitor will have 15 minutes to speak)

2:00 PM-Frequencies and Bio-modulations used in coMra-Therapy
Arzhan Surazakov, PhD from Chile.

3:00-PM-Frequencies and voltage for healing
Jerry Tennant, MD USA

4:00 PM Break (Please visit all our exhibitors!)

4:30 PM – Using Frequencies in the Informational Field Technology
Vaughn R. Cook  USA

6:00 PM- Cocktail Party Sponsored by Inspirstar!

Microcurrent Conference Day 2
Case Presentations
9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Presenters include:

Vanessa Cayle, Medial elbow pain, swelling in College Pitcher
Dennis Courtney, Loss of vision
Jerry Tennant, Fatigue/confusion
Laurie Chaikin, Diminishing vision; difficulty navigating, trips and stumbles
Larry Wallace, Double vision, cosmetic appearance , cannot work
Lunch 12:00 Noon to 1:30PM Sponsored by Zyto! Thank You!
Shannon Goossen, PTSD buried in Sciatica
Todd Wylie, Dry macular degeneration
Arzhan Surazakov, Multiple sclerosis
Edward Kondrot, Biofeedback Frequencies to Treat Eye Disease

Each presenter will have 30 minutes to present a case that illustrates the effects of microcurrent. There will be a 15 minute Q and A after each case presentation.

At the end of the day all attendees  will vote on the best case presented!

6:00 PM Case Presentation Award dinner and celebration!

Microcurrent Conference Day 3
Oct 5. Sunday

8:30 AM-The “Puzzle of Pain” what frequencies you need to know
Shannon Goossen USA

9:30 AM-Bemer PEMF frequencies  in the Treatment of Eye Disease
Todd Wylie, OD USA

10:30 AM Break (Please visit all our exhibitors!)

11:00 AM-Using Schumann Frequencies in Pulse Electro Magnetic Field
Martin Bales, LAC

12:00 Lunch on your own

1:30 -3:00 PM-Panel Discussion and closing remarks


Join us next year in Phoenix, AZ!
October 7-11, 2015



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