2015- 2016  Conferences
Most of the conferences are held at the Fort Myers Wellness Center.  There are several hotels that are conveniently located near the office.

For conferences in Phoenix, AZ and San Fran, CA, the hotel location will be announced

Please contact the Wellness Center for more information! 352-588-0477, 800-430-9328 or [email protected]

Nov 10th/6:00 PM  The Truth Regarding Glaucoma Treatment
Nov 12th / 10:00 AM  – Reversing Macular Degeneration without Surgery or Injections- Fort Myers, FL
Dec 14th/ 6:00 PM -10 Essentials to Save Your Sight- San Fran, CA

Space is limited so register, get details, and receive a free gift for attending. 352-588-0477, 800-430-9328 or [email protected]

Get started with Microcurrent Now!
Dec 5-6, 2015 / San Fran, CA
Jan 16-17, 2016/ Fort Myers, Florida
Have you been thinking about Microcurrent but were looking for a more affordable method of obtaining a quality device for treatment? We are now offering a 2-day training workshop on how Microcurrent can benefit you. Once you complete your training, you will be qualified to buy your 5 program Microcurrent Machine.
Tuition: $695.00.

352-588-0477, 800-430-9328 or [email protected]

Dec 5-6, 2015 / San Fran, CA
Jan 16-17, 2016/ Fort Myers, Florida

This is for the practitioner or patient who is interested in learning more about microcurrent and the vast application of the Inspirstar Microcurrent machine. If you are a patient you must already own an microcurrent machine or have taken the Get Started Program. If you are a licensed practitioner you can participate without having a microcurrent machine

  1. Learn the basics of microcurrent and frequencies
  2. Learn how to add and change programs
  3. Learn to program your own treatments
  4. Need moderate knowledge of PC operations
  5. Need to bring your own window PC computer to the workshop
  6. Mac with a windows partition will also work
  7. Does not include price of cable and software ($595.00)

Tuition: $695.00.

352-588-0477, 800-430-9328 or [email protected]

Save the Date!
October 26-30, 2016 – 10th Annual Microcurrent Conference – St. Pete Beach, FL

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