Ozone in the treatment of Eye Disease-Update

I was a featured speaker at the SOPMED Meeting at Snowbird Resort in Utah June 2015 It was an amazing meeting with experts in the fields of Microcurrent, ozone therapy and light therapy. The focus on the meeting was utilizing ozone and I want to share with you a way...

New Treatment of Cataracts

Cataracts are the result of aging in the eye accelerated by toxic stress, dehydration and heavy metal poisoning. Tests reveal high concentrations of heavy metals in the lens of the eyes. In fact it is often three times higher in eyes with cataracts. Heavy metals such...

Beet Eye Disease!

When I was younger, my grandmother would make delicious red beet soup, which I continue to make to this day. I remember trying to impress my wife by preparing this favorite dish for her when we were dating. Red beets have always been a big part of my garden, and I use...
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